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Why BIFROST Game Provider is the Ultimate P2E Solution

Blockchain games have risen as a viral topic since 2017 — starting with CryptoKitties. Since then, many attempts have been made to create an intersection between crypto and gaming, but none have experienced a central boom until Axie Infinity came into play. This brought phenomenal growth in the blockchain-based P2E sector through a simple but new approach: anyone around the world can participate and earn money by playing games. As its popularity soared, the traditional gaming landscape simultaneously had undergone a massive change with more game developers jumping into the P2E sector.

An influx of P2E games were introduced to the market thereafter, but many were unsustainable. Most were only focused on the profitable aspects of the gaming economics while lacking sound in-game token utility and experiencing slow developments with no synergetic success with DApps — ultimately all destined to go down in flames.

BIFROST Game Provider Will Shape the Future of P2E

Today, we are introducing the BIFROST Game Provider, an innovative P2E development solution that aims to reimagine the failed impact of P2Es for a sustainable gaming economy.

Summoner takes the first step in realizing the vision of BIFROST Game Provider, from initially designing a functional game to its full development. Summoner is a free RPG P2E game where players defeat world bosses, clear stages, and compete in PVP Arena to earn Summoner Gold (SG) and Summoner Tokens (SUT).

BIFROST combines our unique multichain technology, decentralized finance, P2E, and NFT to embark on a new generation of GameFi.

  • BIFROST Game Provider will help traditional game developers add value to games with blockchain-based elements (e.g. NFT, Marketplace, Tokenomics, etc.)
  • During the process, products of BIFROST (e.g. NFT marketplace, BIFROST network, multichain DEX) will be utilized to achieve an ideal multichain gaming economy

Why BIFROST Game Provider is Unique

BIFROST Game Provider roots from our core philosophical values to help developers create DApps on top of multiple blockchain protocols. The multichain-based BIFROST Game Provider will further advance the development of interoperable multichain gaming services into the market.

  1. Borderless Game Development: Developers will not be restrained to a specific network or P2E platform

2. Scalable and Flexible DApps: Powered by the multichain technology, DApps will experience true scalability and flexibility on any blockchain network. The synergy will be even greater when integrated with the BIFROST network.

3. Limitless Business Expansions: BIFROST’s multichain technology allows interoperability among multiple networks to achieve business expansions. See examples below for possible real-world implementations:

  • The NFT Minting Tool can allow NFT minting to be processed on Ethereum (purchased with ETH), while the actual game can be provided on more efficient networks with faster transactions and lower fees such as Polygon.
  • Various blockchain networks and token payment services will be supported on the upcoming multichain DEX. Players will be able to pay with different tokens even when the game is supported on a specific blockchain network.
  • A BIFROST network bridge will be provided to bridge an NFT from network A to B without any restrictions.

BIFROST Game Provider Tools


  • NFT Minting: A solutions provider for creating NFTs on a desired blockchain network purchased through a desired token (protocol).
  • NFT Marketplace: A customizable NFT marketplace development for a shared revenue model among in-game economy providers (game developer, marketplace, player, etc.)


  • Provides external log-in, NFT synthesis and upgrading services
  • Game and blockchain protocol synchronization modules

Token Economy Consulting

  • Token economy consulting and strategy tailored to the goals of the game developer

Future Outlook

Summoner is the first P2E designed with all the solutions above provided by BIFROST.

With the upcoming NFT Marketplace and the Multichain DEX, blockchain games will have all the financial and gaming infrastructures they will ever need. BIFROST Game Provider is the perfect solution for game developers around the world hoping to jump on the P2E bandwagon.

We hope you can join us in creating a multichain BIFROST DApp ecosystem together!

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