Democratizing UX
Tomer Sharon

On nuggets. Both structural and procedural.

It has been a while since we spoke Tomer, and congratulations. Polaris represents a significant set of achievements. By concentrating on the “nugget” as a unit of analysis, many more folk can interact with ‘outside knowledge’. Bravo. What I notice when taking a similar approach (but without a coordinating software tool) clients find observable knowledge to be unusually memorable. So there are multiple effects that a nugget will have in the mind of, and the activities of a client.

Like I others commenting here, I hope for a day when Polaris might be open for others to use. One issue that change will present is the work of ‘assembling knowledge’. If we are to end a “tyranny” (and maybe that word is a titch strong) of the researcher controlling an agenda, then non-research-folk like managers, and the executives who govern them, would need to advance their own understandings about the practices a researcher takes when making a step into the unknown.

Presumably then, Polaris might lead us toward a future where managers dealing with (crippling) uncertainties, may find curiosity about the outside world will be as instructive than knowledge of, or comfort with, the status quo.