In government we should be orienting organisations around end-to-end services that relate to what people actually need to do. Real user needs remain the same, regardless of changes to technology, policy or existing services.
What does ‘transformation’ really mean?
Kate Tarling

The needs of a people do evolve, however slowly.

One opportunity your excellent article misses is the notion of engaging the private sector in the provision of meaningful services. If there is a group of people in the world who can be expected to struggle with a problem, is that not the reason for a business to thrive?

Like an Aesop fable, when we pay for government with taxes the urge is to push back. When a business provides us a service, we approach it with a sunny futurism.

When we can learn to sidestep the moral hazards, then the profit motive seems more interested in adapting to changes, than a governing force which conflates service with authority.