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Big Ups: Generosity

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.” — Khalil Gibran

Thanks to many uplifting people I have been lucky to meet in life, I’ve come to think of the year-end holidays as Giving Season. I see this as a benefit of age, experience, and good fortune; when I became a father, the emphasis naturally switched to giving. For the record, receiving is also wonderfully sublime. 😊

As I continue striving to increase my positive impacts, it’s an immense blessing to see it when others I know are stepping forward in ways like volunteering and supporting vital charities and causes. When we join forces, we change the world.

Photo credit: Josh Appel via Unsplash

In 2017, Carl Richards published an extremely thoughtful guide to giving through the New York Times. Even without an account, you can access this detailed feature story and download a worksheet you can use to help sharpen your focus:
· why do I give?
· what will I give?
· how will I give?

For many years, I have drawn deep inspiration from a 2010 story published by CNN spotlighting Heroes. That’s how Narayanan Krishan first came to my attention.

Honored for bringing over a million hot meals to India’s homeless and destitute through his nonprofit, his example of giving them love and respect blows me away.

Interested in knowing more? My blog awaits you, with new updates coming soon.



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