Gong session for mind & body balance

The new week started with an interesting mix of people — Travelling Weasels — a couple from UK/Germany, Aileen — fashion blogger from Philippines and Shanti from New Zealand, who came to pass the Europe on foot with a friend Chantelle.

Besides the bloggers, we were also hosting Matko Meštrović and Hrvoje Grguljaš, young perspective photographers from Croatia. The results were nothing less but AMAZING! On top of leaving us with more than 400 well-made photos, the guys wanted to make some steel wool photographs, on top of one of our Brown Berry houses. And oh boy, did it turn out good!

Photo by Hrvoje Grguljaš & Matko Meštrović
Photo by Hrvoje Grguljaš & Matko Meštrović

On Thursday it was supposed to be time for our first ever gong session with Dušan, here in BIG BERRY. Upon his arrival, it turned out to be a bit different than we expected but still impressive — after enjoying all kinds of Ghee Dušan and his colleagues are producing, along with Pero’s amazing falafel, we enjoyed soothing vibrations of the gong. It is truly an amazing experience — relaxing the body and soul and letting go of the stress. It was so nice to completely forget about all our worries for at least five minutes. We are looking forward to the next gong session, this time with Duško’s supersized gong. During the session we learned some impressive information about the gong such as that women should listen to it in order to have regular menstrual cycle. Needless to say that the theory was proven successful the next morning. :D

Photo by Hrvoje Grguljaš & Matko Meštrović

Some of us, along with the Travelling Weasels — Laura and Tanbay — went to pay a visit to Bled and Ljubljana. We climbed up to Bled castle, to take some amazing photos overlooking the lake and the mountains in the background. We didn’t have much time to go and take a walk around the lake because we needed to head back to Ljubljana, as there were a lot more things to do there — first it was time for Zimbabwe themed lunch in Skuhna (read all about Skuhna’s innovative concept in Miranda’s blog post), after which we were craving for something sweet so we decided to take some ice cream in Lolita, café famous for its exquisite ice creams. The team was divided between chocolate and fruity flavours, but in the end there was no winner as both of them were amazing.

Travelling Weasels @ Lake Bled

After some more sightseeing and climbing up to Ljubljana’s castle, which was harder than it seemed but understandable considering it was over 30°C in the shade, we decided to take a beer and chill out for a sec. At that moment the rain started, to make it a bit easier for the rest of the day. As a cherry on top, we decided to head to the Open kitchen — weekly food market where you can find freshly prepared dishes from all over the world. Big Berries decided to occupy Organic Garden’s stand, where we divided between vegan and fish options. The effective thing they do is the colour of the bun yellow for vegan and black for the fish option. After satisfying burger, we headed down to autonomous alternative centre of Metelkova to finally try out the notorious Bear’s blood — drink that’s sold only in Yalla Yalla bar in the epicentre of this colourful and wicked district.

Next week we’ll have new arrivals and adventures so make sure to keep track! XoXo

Written by Vita Polančec

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