Masterchef competition

The week started with ˝No waste lunch˝ and continued in that tone for the next few days as it was time for us to merge into one house, since there would be only 6 of us staying here after Monika’s departure which was scheduled for Thursday. We decided to clean up or eat all we can so eventually everything can fit in one fridge. But, just when we used all our imagination in preparing the creative meals, it turned out that some of our guests cancelled booking so in the end there was no need for the moving yet.

On Tuesday we took our guests Anita and her boyfriend as well as Mr. Alojz and his wife, who have won staying in BIG BERRY through T2 network provider competition, to Vizir brewery. We saw the production process and tried some unusual craft beers like chestnut beer — perfect for the start of autumn. Along with us came Monika, since it was time for her to see the amazing brewery that has been providing us with beer for the past months.

Afterwards we organized hanging out at the airplane nearby, where Ana, Linh and Hakan put the candles along the way in order to make Monika cry and they succeeded! :D After that, we tricked Monika into going to pick up food, while actually we were going to the camp to have a party with the DJ. Mon was thrilled and we knew that we couldn’t make anything better for her than to dance all night.

Last pic with Monika, with her farewell gift

The weekend started with grape picking. For some of us it was the first time ever. We woke up and started when it’s still foggy. Up from the vineyard, we witnessed a fairytale-like scenery, at the same time, hand-picked a bunch of ripe and succulent grapes under the instruction from Suklje’s wine experts. Being so energetic and excited, BB team ended up filling 15 boxes and helped bringing them to the storage before lunch time.

In the evening we went to see our friends volunteers in Črnomelj, where Gonçalo threw a party for his birthday. But the partying was not over for this week — Saturday was a day to host the guys from well-known Serbian band S.A.R.S. in our resort, who came to be the part of ˝Izza Grada˝ festival. After dinner featuring loads of meat from Gostišče Veselič S.A.R.S. went to prepare for their concert in Metlika, where they played along with Croatian ABOP and Bosnian Sopot. The concert was amazing — with loads of good vibes and positive energy that even the foreigners who didn’t understand a word loved it, especially blogger Evan — Filipina living in Finland.

As the week was coming to an end and we conveniently had Evan, who besides being a blogger is also a cook, we decided to make a masterchef competition. Divided into 2 groups we digged into making the dishes Evan selected for us — grilled pork steaks, trout fish grilled in aluminium foil, grilled veggies, boiled potato, rukola and tomato salad and the best of all — red wine sauce! It turned out to be pretty tight but our judges Evan and Jan were so satisfied with our dedication and amazing flavours that they couldn’t decide. One team won in pork and salad preparation and the other in fish and sauce. Check out our video to see how it was.

Don’t forget to read the blog next week as it will be the last one this season. Stay tuned! :)

written by Vita Polančec

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