Meet The New BIG BERRY Super-Interns for 2017 (Part I)

New year, new luck, new super-interns in BIG BERRY!

Last year, BIG BERRY had total of 18 team members from 11 different nationalities. Thanks to our amazing international team, we were able to get great results last year:

•8 social media platforms
•300+ info tours in the area
•163 guests from which 132 bloggers, Instagrammers and photographers
•27 partnerships, locally and nationally
•120+ blog posts and 20 more expected; 
•36 online journalists’ posts; 
•12 journalists’ print edition articles

Some of the interns continued working remotely for BIG BERRY even after the open season. For others, the internship period ended and they had to go back to their countries to finish their studies. But the story just begins…

2017 BIG BERRY Super-Interns

The first interns for 2017 already “arrived” virtually in BIG BERRY. They are going to continue developing the brand, helping in the resort with the guests, working for the online presence of the company and have fun while doing so.

Without further ado, meet the new super-interns of BIG BERRY for 2017:

Name: Svetlana Sadri

Where are you from: Germany

What is your super-power: I’m a multitasking talent

What do you study: International Business

What do you like the most in BIG BERRY: The idea behind it. No more tents, no more cooking utensils, no more other stuff, which you usually need for camping.

What is for you the “Luxury of Freedom”: Being in accordance with nature, feeling self confident and happy to be part of this beautiful world. Being yourself, creating something new with your own ideas, being free in your decision and just living the mysterious thing, which is called “life”.

How do you see yourself as part of BIG BERRY: I see myself as a chain link in the BIG BERRY chain. I am the connection between the past and the future.

Name: Petya Topchieva

Where are you from: Bulgaria

What is your super-power: Eating an ice cream in 2 minutes. I can also do some marketing strategies, they say.

What do you study: International Tourism Management & Consultancy

What do you like the most in BIG BERRY: The friendly atmosphere among the colleagues and the mutual set goals

What is for you the “Luxury of Freedom”: Being able to enjoy my time in a welcoming environment

Name: Iva Kopf

Where are you from: Croatia

What is your super-power: I can make a rhyme anytime

What do you study: Marketing, faculty of Economics

What do you like the most in BIG BERRY: motivating, encouraging and creative team combined with the concept of eco-friendly, natural and adventurous spirit.

What is for you the “Luxury of Freedom”: the importance of connecting with nature that arouses a very special feeling of freedom within us, especially today, when such a simple thing became a luxury for most of us. So I would say it’s a privilege to be able to express our freedom fully, without any limitations.

How do you see yourself as part of BIG BERRY: I see myself as a part of a puzzle that will make a beautiful picture.

Name: Mariliza Bonesso

Where are you from: Brazil

What is your super-power: I have the power of making people smile when I cook desserts!

What do you study: Journalism and International Communication

What do you like the most in BIG BERRY: The capacity of reaching people at all ages through a minimalist concept that puts comfort, happiness and relationships at first.

What is for you the “Luxury of Freedom”: Luxury of Freedom is the abbreviation of comfort, glamour, nature and enjoyment all together.

We are always looking for new super-powers for BIG BERRY, so if you think you can be a super-hero in Slovenia, see how you can join us.

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