Time travel experience

It ended up being quite a busy week for us here at BIG BERRY camp. We had Italian travel blogger, Francesca from Spiccado Il Volo and Eileen who was originally from Boston in the U.S., but now lives in London and writes as a travel blogger for Pure Wander. Tanbay and Laura, our Travelling Weasels, also joined us this week. We also hosted Eva Grossert and her family from Hidden Gem — a lifestyle family travel blog. At the beginning of the week we had a little summer storm that surprise us all at camp. So, the BB Team started the week off with a morning of fitness cleaning the camp of stray branches and leaves. Our team made sure that the camp was barefoot friendly once again!

With the sun back again, the campers were excited to create their very own BIG BERRY salad at partner restaurant Pri Starem Pildu. Tanbay, Laura, Francesca, and the BB Team all came together to carefully choose each ingredient. Then we all took over the kitchen at Pri Starem Pildu and became the chefs. After some time, creativity, and lots of chopping we served up a very refreshing summer salad to the group! Make a trip to the restaurant and try the Big Berry salad for yourself.

Next we all went way, way back in time and made our way back to school. With a packed van Tanbay, Laura, Eileen, Eva, and some of the BB team arrived to Bistra Buča where we experienced a morning of time travel. We all got to see what it was like to be in elementary school in Slovenia circa 1957. After a fun history lesson we were given our grade reports for the morning and left school with better posture and sore abs from all the laughing.

Nothing screams summer like a good BBQ party and here at BIG BERRY we know how to do BBQ’s right. Over the weekend we indulged in grilled chicken and classic Slovenian dishes like čevapčiči and grilled fresh cheese. After some good food and a nice swim in the Kolpa River, all guests and the BB team were invited to break a move on the dance floor at our House DJ session Saturday night. We danced the night away and got ready for another week!

Next week we’ll have new arrivals and adventures so make sure to keep track here on our blog…

See ya soon xoxo — BB

written by Mollie Leal