Behind the App: Rewind

Mikaela Rodriguez
Mar 15, 2019 · 7 min read
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Tell me about Rewind.

Rewind is the leading backup solution for business-critical web apps — including BigCommerce. We exist to protect the data that drives a business.

Why did you decide to build this app?

The brilliance of platforms like BigCommerce is that they build and support their large community through webinars, email outreach, public forums, and social media. We took full advantage of these resources. It didn’t take much digging to piece together common threads around data disasters and to validate that there was a need and a market for a backup solution.

Tell us about the journey to build the app.

Rewind started off as a hobby project. Once we decided we were going to build a prototype, we devoted a lot of hours in the evenings and weekends to cobble together something that we could get out to customers.

How did you build it?

There’s a lot of technology powering Rewind: it’s built with Ruby on Rails, React, and several Amazon Web Services. It’s hosted in multiple data centers throughout the world to help with scale and compliance with regional regulations like GDPR.

What technical challenges did you encounter?

Building Rewind did not come without some challenges. The three biggest problems that we had to deal with were API rate limits, working with changing APIs, and managing unpredictable volumes of webhooks.

Tell about success post-release.

The first installs came from organic traffic on the BigCommerce app store. Since credibility is everything in app stores, we put a lot of effort into providing exceptional customer service and then kindly asking customers to leave us a review. From there, we started bringing more people to our app store listing through inbound marketing. More recently, we invested in producing a high-quality customer testimonial video to up our credibility even more.

Finally, What’s Next for Rewind?

We are looking at ways to bring even more value to our customers from the data we have backed up. An example of this is a feature that we recently launched in beta: Rewind Alerts. With Rewind Alerts, customers can set up thresholds on their data that will tell Rewind to alert them when one of the thresholds is breached. Our e-commerce customers are the first to beta this feature and they are using it to be alerted when a large percentage of their product catalog has been deleted or if their product prices have changed dramatically.

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