Developer Diary: Jack Harner,

Lauren Clevenger
Nov 22 · 4 min read

Welcome to BigCommerce’s Developer Diaries, where we’re tackling what it is like to work in ecommerce, as a developer. We’re asking agency partners, in-house devs, and freelancers about they spend their week and what it takes to be successful.

This entry features Jack Harner, Marketing Director for Shoolu is a fast-growing online shoe retailer powered by BigCommerce. Jack is responsible for driving traffic to the site, updating the theme, managing paid Ad Campaigns, developing internal/customer-facing tools, and so much more. In his spare time, he likes playing video games (mostly Overwatch these days), working on his side projects, and hanging out with his cats.


9:00 AM

Roll into the office, get my coffee (more or less always the first thing), & answer customer service emails.

9:30 AM

Troubleshoot network issues on the owner’s computer. Couldn’t read files off another computer on the network which was causing their accounting software to not open. My title may be Marketing Director, but my actual job encompasses so much more than that.

10:00 AM

Bug report rolls in that the search function on the site isn’t working. Get started tracking down what’s wrong and how to fix.

“At least the checkout works 😂

11:00 AM

Some legacy jQuery code was causing our theme to not bundle properly and crash on the search page. Removed the legacy code and pushed update.

12:00 PM

Lunch Time. Ate a ham and cheese sandwich and some cheetos. Read through some of the web development newsletters I subscribe to. (CSS-Tricks’ “This Week in Web Design and Development” is probably my favorite. If you do anything on the web, I highly recommend you check it out)

1:00 PM

Knocked out a customer service ticket and then jumped back into our Rewards Program implementation.

2:00 PM

Spent Time Implementing the Rewards Program. This includes adding notifications on the Product Pages, creating a Landing Page for the program, a dashboard page for the users, and more.

3:30 PM

One of my tasks involves tracking down and/or taking product photos for new products that come in. I use a combo of Google, PowerShell, Python, & Photoshop Actions to download, process and upload everything. It’s super repetitive work so I spent a decent chunk of time a while ago automating it as much as possible.

4:30 PM

Heading out. Office is closing early since Trump is coming to town and shutting down, essentially, the entire city.


7:00 AM

Hit The Gym. I much prefer going before work vs after. The gym I go to is much less crowded and at the end of the day, even though I spend all day sitting at a desk, I just never really feel like working out. Going in the morning gets me out of bed, gets me energized for the day, and then it’s done.

9:00 AM

Rolled into the office, Got some coffee, sat down and knocked out the Customer Support TIckets that came in overnight.

10:00 AM

Running some test orders with store credit to verify the Rewards Program properly credits points for purchases.

*Narrator*: It Didn’t.

11:00 AM

Turns out I have to build out a whole Webhook service to get order updates from BigCommerce, and send relevant info to our Rewards Program on Checkout/Order Update/Refund instead of it being built in.

1:00 PM

Eat Lunch.

2:00 PM

Dive right back into the new webhook app. It’s just a simple Node/Express App that receives the webhooks from BigCommerce and then turns around and sends out requests to our Rewards Program’s API to add points.

2:30 PM

Got the initial API working. Still need to modularize it all and get my folder structure to a more scalable place, but for now, it’s time to switch gears and track down some more product photos.

5:00 PM

Finished tracking down the photos. Heading out for the day.


9:00 AM

If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a pattern to my mornings. Get to the office, get coffee, check the tickets, and then get started with my work.

9:30 AM

My office is located in our warehouse, which also serves as an open-to-the-public storefront. Some of our banners on the building have started to deteriorate and need replacing.

2:15 PM

Taking a break from the banners to get more product photos.

3:30 PM

Jumped back into the banner designs.

4:30 PM

Sent off Round 2 of the sign revisions to the owners for their approval/suggestions. Checked the tickets and prepped to go home.


Took the day off to go with my girlfriend and her family to Laguna Feast Day in Laguna, New Mexico.

Ate so much food, got soaked by the rain and had a great time.


9:00 AM

Got notes back from the owners about the revisions on the banners. Added their suggestions and started prepping the files for printing.

9:45 AM

Forgot I have to get all the Amazon emails on Friday so I stop the banner work and bust those out.

10:45 AM

Back into the final banner revisions.

12:00 PM

Lunch Time. On Friday’s a couple of my warehouse worker friends and I all go out for lunch. We used to do “Men’sDay Wednesday” but it makes more sense for all of us to go out for lunch on Friday as a reward for the week.

1:00 PM

Dove back into some Rewards Program tools for the website.

3:00 PM

Product Photos (Just like my morning coffee, it’s basically a daily thing).

4:30 PM

Read up on industry news. Get ready for the weekend.

We’d like to thank Jack for sharing his week with us. If you have a question for BigCommerce, or want to learn more about our platform reach out in the comments below or tweet us at @BigCommerceDevs.

Lauren Clevenger

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Senior Manager, Community & Developer Relations at BigCommerce

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