Employee Spotlight: Isaac Buckland

Welcome to the BigCommerce Employee Spotlight. Each month, we’ll chat with an employee who works on the BigCommerce product. These are the folks behind the scenes who are crafting the BigCommerce developer experience, from SDKs and APIs to themes and documentation. Discover what they’re building, their tools of the trade, and learn about the technologies they’re passionate about.

Hi Isaac, tell me about your path to BigCommerce.

My path to BigCommerce was a bit on the non-traditional side. In college, at Southwestern University, I actually studied Theater and learned how to code with Java. I then enrolled and spent some time in the Army before moving to Austin. This is when I met Scott, who is currently the manager of the Technical Account Manager team here at BigCommerce.

We connected over a game he was playing at a local card shop here in Austin, Mage’s Sanctum. The game was ‘Magic: The Gathering’ for those of you who are familiar. We struck up a conversation and I was basically recruited right there in the shop.

After going through the interview process, I started my career with BigCommerce as a T1 Technical Support agent. I was able to start my climb internally and have since then been promoted to my current role in Tier 2 Technical Support.

What team are you working on and can you take me through a typical workday?

I am on the Tier 2 Technical Support Team within the Customer Success & Support Organization.

Typically my workday is filled with handling cases as they come in. Most support cases submitted by BigCommerce Partners go to our team and are distributed among the T2 Agents. We are also heavily involved with support cases submitted by Enterprise Merchants. Most of our focus revolves around current platform issues, feature requests, in addition to ‘Can this be done — If so, how?’ types of conversations with BigCommerce merchants and partners.

We also participate in onboarding new admin members for our partners, in addition to technical contacts when a new member of a merchant’s team takes over. In these interactions, we help this person ramp up on their familiarity with the platform and answer any questions they have.

What’s it like being on the T2 Support team?

The environment of the T2 team is a little different now that we’re all working remotely. When we were working onsite at headquarters, our team was small enough to really connect and engage with one another and cross functionally. We all sat close to each other in a row with our neighbors, the PSE (Product Support Engineering) team. We would often get pulled onto other projects from time to time with Product, Training, People & Culture, etc. We’d lend a helping hand with things like onboarding new T1 Technical Support agents, and helping other teams with their specific objectives and initiatives.

Our team has grown a bit more over the past year and we are still focused on supporting our Partners with their cases, and assisting with escalated support cases. The work we do here, as T2 Agents, definitely requires a deeper fundamental understanding of how the BigCommerce platform works. Knowing it’s abilities and limitations helps us think critically to discover and work through possibilities with our customers.

When investigating reports, I personally spend a lot of time in our server response logging system to get an idea of how we need to approach a specific problem in order to resolve it. I also spend time researching our engineering ticketing system for related issues.

What have you learned about yourself on this journey?

I’ve learned how much I truly enjoy teaching people. I get a lot of gratification when I’m able to demonstrate or explain how one can accomplish their goals with the BigCommerce platform. Problem-solving was something I always knew I liked, so these moments when I get to figure out how to do something and share that with our customers is really incredible.

In relation to my developmental growth, I learned so much on the job here at BigCommerce to support the web-based problems I face helping our Partners. When I first started as a T1 Technical Support Agent working as frontline support, I worked most Sundays. Sunday is typically pretty quiet as we have low call-volume then, so that time allowed me to focus on development. I acquired a Lynda (now LinkedIn Learning) license and was able to expand my knowledge and experience with development principles by getting hands on practice with code while waiting for calls.

And finally — In your view, what are some ways the industry has changed since you began working as a T2 Agent??

Well a lot has happened that has impacted our industry. The main driver of change recently has been the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe this has changed the need for e-commerce across the world. With that, I feel that more professional services have been added for merchant support, especially here at BigCommerce.

Something else I believe has been a major change in the industry is the need for added support and defined paths for onboarding new e-commerce merchants. Now that so many more people are involved in e-commerce as they move their businesses online, the opportunity to provide world class support is more available than ever. Many merchants are also now less worried about building unique customizations to their online stores, and more focused on building their online presence and being able to transact.

We’d like to thank Isaac for sharing his time with us and giving us a look into his day-to-day life at BigCommerce. Have a question for Isaac? Reach out to him on LinkedIn or leave a comment below! 😊



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