New Release: BigCommerce for WordPress 3.22.0

This post is actually for two releases, 3.21 and 3.22, both of which have some pretty great new material.

Below, we’ll highlight a few of the biggest updates, but you can find detailed release notes in the file at


Site URL Sync

There’s been a long-standing issue where the WordPress URL would get out of sync with what BigCommerce thinks it should be. This would prevent the embedded checkout from working.

This was previously fixed by changing the URL in WordPress and then changing it back. This could be problematic though, so now there’s a button in the Diagnostics section to simply Sync the URL.

Add Category Description

Previously, the code for rendering the category description was not in the template, so even though it was coming over via the API it wasn’t being rendered without editing the template. That’s been resolved so category descriptions automatically get printed.

Segment Support in Google Analytics

Using segment’s “ready” method, visitors across domains are now handled so that embedded cart interactions are tracked in Google Analytics. Previously, in the Google Analytics dashboard, only the relative URL was displayed. Merchants can now see the full domain name attached.


  • Modified admin import timeout message to be more descriptive about what’s really happening on an import timeout.
  • Update checkout SDK to 1.79.0
  • Data Sanitization/Escaping code refactor for WPVIP compliance


  • Fixed Best Selling sort on Product archive page
  • Fixed category sort not being reflected in the menu


That’s all for now! Follow for our complete list of updates and we’ll see you here in a few weeks for the latest batch of new features!



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