New Release: BigCommerce for WordPress 3.9.0

Topher DeRosia
Oct 28 · 2 min read

This release includes some small but frequently requested features as well as an important bug fix for sites hosted on GoDaddy.

Below, we’ll highlight a few of the biggest updates, but you can find detailed release notes in the file at

New Features

Retail Price Added
We’ve added the retail price to the product price template. The retail price will only display when it is set on the product in the BigCommerce admin.

YouTube Videos In The Gallery
In the BigCommerce admin for a single product there’s an Images and Video section. There, you can associate YouTube videos with a product. Until this version, the videos were not imported in any way, but now they’re placed in the gallery on a single product template.

Note: This involves a template change. If you’ve customized product-gallery.php you’ll need to update your copy.


  • Fixed the missing “Cart” section in the theme customizer when visiting the customizer before first saving any settings in the plugin admin.


  • DELETE requests to the WP REST API are now camouflaged as POST requests to work around web hosts that do not allow standard HTTP methods. This resolves issues with GoDaddy Shared Hosting


That’s all for now! Follow for our complete list of updates and we’ll see you here in a few weeks for the latest batch of new features!

BigCommerce Developer Blog

News, tips, and stories for developing on BigCommerce

Topher DeRosia

Written by

Topher is the WordPress Developer Evangelist for BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Developer Blog

News, tips, and stories for developing on BigCommerce

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