What’s New for Merchants in February?

Welcome to the monthly recap of BigCommerce product news and updates. Each month, we’re sharing all the changes and updates available to merchant’s stores on BigCommerce. Whether you’re an agency partner building and managing an e-commerce site, a freelance developer customizing the BigCommerce storefront, or an app developer wanting to keep on top of natively built features, this is your chance to stay in the loop and learn what changes are happening to the BigCommerce platform.

At BigCommerce, February brought in new tools, new resources and new features to all merchants! After the end-of-year release freeze of 2021, we’re back and working as hard as ever. Below you’ll see links to what was released in February & information on a new beta opportunity that was made available in January.

BigCommerce Platform Updates, February 2022

  • Cart Analytics: New Reports Available Now: The new Cart Analytics reports and visualizations have arrived! With the new redesign, merchants will have a more cohesive understanding about their customers’ shopping habits and have access to all cart data, including abandoned cart reports and recovery, in one place.
  • I’ve Customized My Theme, Now I Want To Update: This new resource helps BigCommerce merchants better understand the steps to take before applying a theme update to a customized theme. Here you’ll find everything from how to know if a theme needs to be updated, best practices for future-proofing theme development, updating a live theme, and more.
  • Google Data Studio: New Starter Omnichannel Dashboard Report: The new starter Omnichannel dashboard report in Google Data Studio has arrived! This pre-built report is a powerful way for BigCommerce merchants to get an Omnichannel & Multi-Storefront view of their customers, orders, and revenue.
  • Introducing Digital River For BigCommerce: Digital River natively collects the necessary information needed to facilitate display of the appropriate terms of sale and other compliance requirements, while its fraud beacon protects merchants from emerging fraud tactics and attacks. Check out the blog linked above to learn more about Digital River, the capabilities of using their app, and how your clients can get started.
  • A New User’s Guide To BigCommerce Resources: Have a client who is new to BigCommerce? This blog is the perfect starter for them to get comfortable with the platform. Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of all the resources your clients need to know about as new users on the BigCommerce platform.
  • Introducing Humm For Flexible Payments: Humm is now available to BigCommerce merchants and shoppers in Australia and New Zealand! Humm is one of the leading Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) providers in an increasingly competitive and growing field. What sets Humm apart from other BNPL solutions is the ability to offer payment plans for both low and high ticket items, with longer loan terms and more flexible payment plans.

BigCommerce Beta Opportunities, January 2022

  • Beta Opportunity: Bolt One Click Checkout: BigCommerce and Bolt have partnered to offer a new beta program that allows merchants to enable Bolt One Click without having to replace their current checkout experience. Learn more about what’s included & how to get involved at the link above.



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