What’s New for Merchants in March

Welcome to the monthly recap of BigCommerce product news and updates. Each month, we’re sharing all the changes and updates available to stores on BigCommerce. Whether you’re an agency partner building and managing an ecommerce site, a freelance developer customizing the BigCommerce storefront, or an app developer wanting to stay on top of natively built features, this is your chance to stay in the loop and learn what changes are happening to the BigCommerce platform.

The BIG news this month is the launch of Multi-Storefront Functionality for new Enterprise stores! This is one of the biggest product launches in BigCommerce history, and we’re excited for you to learn more about it below. In addition to Multi-Storefront, March brought in the release of a new checkout solution with Bolt, the expansion of our multi-language support, a new payment solution, and an update to the BigCommerce checkout experience. Below you’ll find more details on all of the releases for March.

BigCommerce Platform Updates, March 2022

  • Adding Localized Experiences To The BigCommerce Mobile App: The BigCommerce mobile app is available now in 6 new languages — French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish (ES), Spanish (MX), and German. We’ve also added support on Android for Norwegian.
  • Introducing Bolt One-Click Checkout: Bolt One-Click Checkout is available now for all BigCommerce merchants. This checkout configuration allows you to offer the Bolt shopper experience without replacing your current checkout experience. For more information and details on getting started, visit the product blog.
  • Apple Pay Now Available on Checkout Page: Apple Pay is now an available payment method for shoppers on the checkout page, in addition to the cart and quick cart.
  • Multi-Storefront Now Available for New Enterprise Stores: Multi-Storefront is now available for all new Enterprise stores, and in closed beta for existing Enterprise stores. With Multi-Storefront (MSF), merchants can create multiple unique storefronts within a single store. These storefronts can be powered by BigCommerce’s native Stencil framework or by a third-party, headless solution such as Next.js, Bloomreach, WordPress, and more.
  • Introducing Openpay for Flexible Payments: Openpay is the most flexible interest-free Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider on the market, and is now available to BigCommerce merchants and shoppers in Australia.



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