Mikaela Rodriguez
Apr 29 · 2 min read

What’s Trending in the Dev Community

Welcome to a recap of what’s trending in the BigCommerce Developer Community. Every other week, we’ll take a look at the discussions happening. You’ll see our most popular and insightful conversations, along with questions that could use your expertise or helpful advice.

This week, the BigCommerce Developer Community discussed retrieving product information to surface on the storefront, adding custom JavaScript to product pages, Checkout SDK features and more. Learn how other devs are solving problems and share your expertise with by jumping into conversations in the Dev Community.

Can't-Miss Conversations

  • JJS wants to surface product metafields in the storefront and build logic around the values. Check out the answer on Stack Overflow for more on what is available via Stencil Objects and how to retrieve these values.
  • Jonathan Hart wants to display two products on one product page without using options. Join the discussion in the Community.
  • Darryl Koster wants to retrieve a customer’s chosen shipping method for an order via API. Read more about polling the API for this information in the Community.

Code Share

  • MehBoob Patel wants to change the product thumbnail image when color variations are selected on the product page. See one possible solution for achieving this in the Community.

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News, tips, and stories for developing on BigCommerce

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BigCommerce Developer Blog

News, tips, and stories for developing on BigCommerce

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