What’s Trending in the Dev Community?

Welcome to a recap of what’s trending in the BigCommerce Developer Community. Every other week, we’ll take a look at the discussions happening in our dev spaces. You’ll see our most popular and insightful conversations, along with questions that could use your expertise or helpful advice.

In the BigCommerce Developer Community, we’re seeing conversations about theme & checkout customizations, in addition to all-things-holiday-prep! From creating custom tabs on PDPs to implementing custom form fields in checkout, the past couple of weeks have been full of great conversations.

📣 Announcements

  • BigCommerce for WordPress V4.20.1 is now available: This update resolves webhook validation issues with old passwords, and more. Read all of the details of this release in the Developer Changelog.
  • Status update on Partner AMAs: We recently held AMAs in our community group on Facebook to spotlight a few partners and their apps. We’ve concluded the Holiday-Prep AMA collection and will be releasing recaps on the Product Blog soon. Thank you to all who joined us and special thanks to our hosts: Tony McCreath & Brad Crouch, Troy Wolf, & Chris Byrne.

⭐ BigContributor

BIG Thanks to Troy Wolf for your recent contributions to both our developer & merchant communities. On top of helping devs & merchants in the Help Center and in the Developer Slack, your BCtools.io AMA in the Facebook Community Group earlier this month was a HIT! The work you’re doing to help others in the BigCommerce ecosystem is incredible. We’re ever so thankful. 🙌

🗣 Can’t Miss Conversations

Some of our favorite, trending conversations from the BigCommerce Developer Community.

  • Marcus was looking to create custom tabs on PDPs for product descriptions. The catch was that they only wanted this to be visible if the product had a description to show the customer. Check out their thread in the BigCommerce Developers Group where Arctic Leaf jumped in with an excellent suggestion.
  • Helen is aiming to develop a custom field in checkout to carry over to their orders, but ran into a problem with transferring the data. If you’ve been looking to do something similar in checkout, or want to see how to get started on accomplishing this task, check out Helen’s thread in the BigCommerce Developers Group.

🤝 Share a Solution

The latest Community questions and conversations that need a response. Provide a helping hand to your fellow ecommerce developers and share your ideas and solutions with the group.

  • Murali needs to securely send data (specifically, logged-in customer email address, customer ID, and store name) as query params to their web server on page load. For verification they are hoping to use HMAC authentication or any equivalent. How do you prefer to securely send requests from a store to an app? Join our conversation in the BigCommerce Developers Community group to share your advice with Murali! 😁



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Heather Barr

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