What’s Trending in the Dev Community?

Welcome to a recap of what’s trending in the BigCommerce Developer Community. Every other week, we’ll take a look at the discussions happening in our dev spaces. You’ll see our most popular and insightful conversations, along with questions that could use your expertise or helpful advice.

In the BigCommerce Developer Community, we’re seeing conversations about working with CORS, working with OpenGraph (aka OG) and accessing product custom field data in script tags.

📣 Announcements

  • Alert: Improved error messages at checkout are coming soon. This update will apply to stores automatically, so for all you devs out there working on multi-language stores, remember to update your translations. To see a full list of the new error messages, check out the Product Blog!
  • New Stencil Version: Stencil CLI version 1.3 has split the .stencil file into secrets.stencil.json and config.stencil.json files. This change is backward compatible. .stencil will continue to exist on old themes and CLI versions. See more in the Developers Changelog.

⭐ BigContributor

BIG Thanks to jdswift for helping when you can in StackOverflow! Your handlebars helper & api query param suggestions are very helpful for those who are needing help getting unblocked. You rock!! 🙌

🗣 Can’t Miss Conversations

Some of our favorite, trending conversations from the BigCommerce Developer Community.

  • Shane was needing to access some product variables, specifically custom fields, in an object in their script tag to support their business logic. Looks like handlebars helpers was the right fix for this! Check out Shane’s thread in the Developer Community to learn how!
  • Slewisma was having trouble resolving inconsistent image sizes on their headless WordPress implementation. Luckily, another community member shared a child plugin created specifically for this use-case! Check out the community-built solution shared in the BigCommerce for WordPress Plugin Forum.

🤝 Share a Solution

The latest Community questions and conversations that need a response. Provide a helping hand to your fellow e-commerce developers and share your ideas and solutions with the group.

  • Shane and Henish are experiencing CORS errors while working with the Catalog API. We suggested using a wildcard or replying to the CORS preflight with the appropriate CORS headers. How do you prefer to work with CORS in your implementation? Share your strategy in this thread! 👈
  • Piran is trying to access request url parameters in stencil for an OpenGraph tag, and was able to come up with a partial solution by grabbing the encoded url from settings and decoding it in Stencil with handlebars helpers. If you’ve done something similar, share your thoughts and strategy with Piran in StackOverflow! 😁



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