What’s Trending in the Dev Community?

Welcome to a recap of what’s trending in the BigCommerce Developer Community. Every other week, we’ll take a look at the discussions happening in our dev spaces. You’ll see our most popular and insightful conversations, along with questions that could use your expertise or helpful advice.

In the BigCommerce Developer Community, we’re seeing conversations about getting started with widget development and some best practices and lessons learned when building widget templates.

📣 Announcements

  • Custom Template Associations API: Expedite the process of associating a stencil theme’s custom templates to products, categories, brands, and pages!
  • The new BOPIS app has launched! Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store (BOPIS) by Randem Retail (RR) that can be installed from the BC marketplace

⭐ BigContributor

BIG Thanks to Tom Robertshaw for helping other developers in the BigCommerceDevs Slack. Thank you for creating an awesome video and sharing your experience using the BigCommerce BigDesign component library with the community! Nice work! 🙌

🗣 Can’t Miss Conversations

Some of our favorite, trending conversations from the BigCommerce Developer Community.

  • Jon-Eric Useth reached out to the Community to discuss using Google Analytics with the BigCommerce for WordPress Plugin. Throughout the conversation, Jon-Eric found a possible workaround! Check out the thread in the WordPress Channel of the BigCommerceDevs Slack Community.
  • Troy Wolf, a new BigCommerce Partner, was unsure of their partner-type and reached out to the Community for help. If you’re a new partner and feeling like Troy, this discussion between some partners is helpful to get a better understanding! Check it out in the General Channel of the BigCommerceDevs Slack Community.
  • Joel Evans is receiving 403 & 422 errors when trying to create a widget on a widget template. Check out Joel’s thread in the Developer Community to learn how they got past these errors and created their widget!

🤝 Share a Solution

The latest Community questions and conversations that need a response. Provide a helping hand to your fellow e-commerce developers and share your ideas and solutions with the group.

  • Brett Hilton is looking for a quick way to show ‘free 2-day shipping’ & show Google’s Free & Fast shipping icons on the checkout page. The goal is to apply this for a couple of products via setting a shipping rule on the product-level and without applying it to all products. Share your strategy in this thread! 😁



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