What’s Trending in the Dev Community?

Welcome to a recap of what’s trending in the BigCommerce Developer Community. Every other week, we’ll take a look at the discussions happening in our dev spaces. You’ll see our most popular and insightful conversations, along with questions that could use your expertise or helpful advice.

In the BigCommerce Developer Community, things have been very busy! We have so many updates and conversations to share with you this week, so let’s get started. New developer documentation, developer blogs, API updates and a new BC4WP version were all released recently. Developers are also talking about our BigDev Bootcamp, custom workflows to improve customer experience on storefronts, and areas of opportunity for partners to capitalize on a trending request from merchants.

📣 Announcements

⭐ BigContributor

BIG Thanks to Alex Hellier for helping our Developer Community thrive! From reaching out to help other developers in StackOverflow and the BigCommerceDevs Slack workspace to providing helpful feedback to our team in recent outreach & queries, you’re so appreciated and we’re grateful to have you with us. You rock! 🙌

🗣 Can’t Miss Conversations

Some of our favorite, trending conversations from the BigCommerce Developer Community.

  • Happy Signh was looking for more information about our BigDev Bootcamp and reached out in the community. If you or another developer at your agency is looking for API and other development training to set you up for success while working on BigCommerce storefronts, this thread is a good place to start! Thanks to Happy for bringing this up in the community — you can check it out here in BigCommerce Developers Group.
  • Troy has noticed an area of opportunity around unsupported shipping providers and created a thread to discuss this with other partners and developers. In this thread, Troy links requests and queries he found from community members seeking a solution for unsupported shipping providers. If you’d like to join our discussion or see a handful of examples describing this need, check out Troy’s thread in the #integrations channel of the BigCommerceDevs Slack workspace?

🤝 Share a Solution

The latest Community questions and conversations that need a response. Provide a helping hand to your fellow ecommerce developers and share your ideas and solutions with the group.

  • Jeff would like to associate previous guest orders to newly created accounts when the same email and contact information is registered. Have you done something similar or have any thoughts on the best way to accomplish this? Join our conversation in the BigCommerceDevs Slack workspace to share your advice or ideas with Jeff!



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