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The BIGCrowd Blog. Crowd sourced and crowd funded incentive competitions to address the SDGs.
Note from the editor

The BIGCrowd Blog is all about our business, which is designed to help address the SDGs at Scale and Speed. We believe the world can only achieve this through incentivised collaboration, and that is the purpose of the BIGCrowd platform. The goal is to find, fund and support Big Impact Game-changers, which are those doing the most to address the Global Goals. By doing so, collectively we can tackle the most important issues in the world in the fastest way possile. The BIGCrowd of individuals and organisations all over the world, will ultimately be able to participate in ways that make sense, nominating, supporting, voting for, collaborating with and funding projects they believe in and care about. Big Impact Game-changers can be defined as scalable BIG ideas, profit with purpose ventures (like our own), policy ideas and not for profits with the potential for maximum impact. We hope you enjoy the blog, the website, and when it is built and operational, that you subscribe to the platform and help change the world. Oh, and as we talked about incentivised collaboration, subscribers will be able to earn on the platform for doing so. Doing good and doing is the ultimate motivator.

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Steve Podmore
Founder of BIGCrowd.net and a social entrepreneur with zest for life and desire to drive important innovation to help create a better world.