SaaS Stallions Slack Community

I started my first Slack Community a week ago! Let me tell you about it.

“Saas Stallions” is for early-stage SaaS Founders and supporters of early-stage SaaS businesses (capital providers, employees, service providers, grandmas).

A SaaS Stallion is a hard-charging SaaS business led by Founders who are hungry to achieve results, delight customers and grow the value of their businesses without having to completely sacrifice their visions, independence, upside or pride.
Stallions have paths to profitability, they have Founder upside and flexibility, they have time to focus on their business rather than Board meetings.
Lastly, they have no desire, need or reason to portray themselves as unicorns. Stallions are special enough.

All accelerators and institutional investors have communication and engagement platforms (built in house or email lists) for their alums and investments. I’m part of the Techstars community, and it’s hugely valuable with great interactions happening all the time.

The SaaS Stallions Slack Community is my attempt to expand the tent and provide the same to all the folks that don’t fit into those buckets (and even those who do). We currently have 12 folks representing SaaS Founders, engineers and marketers. This is my first real announcement of it beyond one-off “you should check out”s.

I hope we’ll share questions and answers, resources and potentially end up working on some projects together. It’s meant to be a place to get and give help and share ideas.

“SaaS Stallions” is up and going, so let’s get the conversation going. All you need to do is fill out this click here to join us.

Props where they are due:

To Guillermo Rauch for providing an open app on Github that even I could self-serve to deploy (replaced a typeform I was using, much less friction).

Thanks very much to a Buffer (of course) blog post, detailing their experience getting the Buffer Slack Community up and going. Made my experience getting started that much easier.

Hope to meet you soon,