How To Claim Your Vested BIGG Cash Tokens In Your Trust Wallet

Elmer Labandero
Aug 29, 2019 · 4 min read

This article is for those who have been given BIGG Cash Tokens with vesting period by BIGG Cash Management. These tokens wouldn’t be available in your wallet as they are held aside for some period of time in the BIGG Vesting smart contract. Who would have these tokens? In BIGG Cash, they are classified as staff, angels, private sale contributors and pre-public sale contributors.

The vesting schedule for these token holders are shown below:

BIGG Cash Vesting Schedule

Suppose you are a private contributor. You have contributed and were vested with 100,000 BIGG Cash Tokens. As the table indicates, the 100,000 BIGG Cash Tokens are vested over 365 days with releases of 24,657.5342 tokens (i.e. 24.6575342% of 100,000) every 90 days. After 4 token releases (i.e. 360 days), you would have claimed 98,630.1368 tokens (i.e. 24,657.5342 times 4). The next and last release will be after 5 days which will be the 1,369.8632 remaining BIGG Cash Tokens out of the 100,000 tokens. Don’t worry about these calculations as the BIGG Vesting Website will automatically compute and would also show you how much you can presently claim and when will be the next date of release based on your vesting schedule. The next paragraphs will show you how this will be done.

Before you can claim your BIGG Cash Tokens, the following are required:

  • Trust Wallet App

If you don’t have one, you can download the Trust Wallet App at the following links:

  • Vested Ethereum address in Trust Wallet
    If your vested Ethereum Address is not in Trust Wallet, you can import your Ethereum Account in Trust Wallet in this Trust Wallet video:

The following are the steps to claim your vested BIGG Cash Tokens:

You will be redirected to the BIGG Cash Vesting website where you will be presented with the info regarding the vesting on your Ethereum Address.

Most important thing to note is the “Available to Claim” field. This shows the BIGG Cash Tokens available for you to claim. If this field is not zero, the “CLAIM” button at the bottom of the App screen will be enabled, otherwise it will be disabled, meaning you have nothing to claim yet.

Another field to note is the “Next Claim Date” field which shows when will you be able to claim your BIGG Cash Tokens the next release period.

This button is enabled if you have available BIGG Cash Tokens to claim. If enabled, tap the “CLAIM” button to transfer the said number of BIGG Cash Tokens in the “Available To Claim” field to your Trust Wallet Ethereum Account.

You will be asked to approve the transaction. Tap the “Approve” button.

On the “Current Transaction Status” card on the screen, you will see the current status of the claim transaction. Tap on the highlighted link to monitor and to see more in-depth transaction details in Ethserscan.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed in Ethereum.

Go back to your main Trust Wallet screen and the claimed BIGG Cash Tokens is now reflected in your account.

As a side note, A.TOP ( crypto exchange will be listing BIGG Cash on their exchange on Sept. 9, 2019 and EXONIUM ( crypto exchange will be conducting our IEO/Public Sale at starting at USD 0.35 per BIGG Cash on Sept. 24, 2019 20:00 GMT+8. Hope to see you there!

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