Be That Someone

How to make shit happen


You’re sitting around with your friends, and you say, “It’d be cool/funny/awesome/amazing/crazy/dope if someone did x.” This probably happens a lot.

Now, x could be anything. It could be a satirical Twitter account, a ridiculous Super Bowl ad, a choose-your-own-adventure about dating, or a YouTube video about the long-term fallout of doing the State Farm jingle. Hell, it could even be a spoof film noir commentary about how women text.

The point is: It would be cool/funny/awesome/amazing/crazy/dope if someone did x. And you should be that someone.

Beware of ‘where creativity goes to die’

If you consider yourself a creative person, chances are you’ve had many ideas that haven’t quite panned out. I’m guilty of this, too. I have at least six or seven pieces in my Medium drafts that are works in progress. Maybe I’m waiting for the right time to post them. Maybe I just want to get my ideas organized before going full steam ahead on one. Or maybe they’re missing something I can’t put my finger on yet.

Sometimes, you’ll come up with an extraordinary idea, and like an artist possessed, you’ll make it happen within hours or days out of sheer willpower. Other times, it’s just not happening and you need to abandon stalled projects you feel invested in to make way for ones that already have momentum. There’s a balance you learn with time. You can’t push off every idea you have after the brainstorming stage, because then nothing will come to fruition.

Productivity depends on several factors — and with the right mix of passion, direction, confidence, skill, and time, you can bring that idea you love to life and share it with the world.

It’s a beautiful process. But disillusion comes with the territory. Since these five factors are co-dependent, a breakdown in any one of them can prove costly to your final product. Oftentimes, you won’t be able to reach that point — or worse, even get your idea off the ground.

For example, without confidence, you may never try to make x. You may not believe enough in your skill or direction to try. Or maybe you’ve created something from your vision, but you’re not sure it’s worth showing to others. You’re hesitant. And simply put, doubt is where creativity goes to die.

But don’t just give up.


Passion vs. Apathy

If you’re going to create something worthwhile, you better give a shit about it. Otherwise, you’re either doing it for the wrong reasons or you’re setting the project up for failure (sometimes, both are true and related).

Direction vs. Blindness

When you start working with no direction, that’s okay. You’ll find one soon enough. But if you think your idea is “finished” and you can’t explain what it is, maybe take some more time to think about it. This may mean going back to the drawing board, or just giving your project context. If you’re idea doesn’t make sense to you, how is it going to make sense to others?

Confidence vs. Doubt

Doubt — whether originating internally or externally — can be a death sentence for a creative project. As mentioned above, its cancerous nature pollutes one of the best things an artist or creator has going for him/her: confidence. And this conviction is informed by your passion, creative direction, skillset, and access to resources.

Skill vs. Winging it

Plenty of people have brought their visions to life by just winging it. Sometimes, you have to go ahead and do it anyway. So, you don’t know how to make a short film, but you have an idea you’re beyond excited about? Get a camera and make your movie. You have a story to tell, so tell it. Of course, this is easier to do when you know what you’re doing — and when an ill-equipped skillset is combined with other speed bumps, winging it isn’t practical. But what you have in passion and confidence will make up for what you lack in ability.

Time vs. “The Busy Trap

“I don’t have the time” can be the biggest roadblock of all. But, it’s important to prioritize and ask yourself one question: Does this matter to me? Sometimes, “I’m too busy” is the mask we hide behind when we don’t actually want to do something. If you’re truly passionate, you make time. Great ideas are worth losing sleep over. You’ll sleep when you’re dead/done.

Making shit happen

“It’d cool/funny/awesome/amazing/crazy/dope if someone did x.”

Think about the amount of times you’ve said that in your life. Make at least one of those ideas happen, and boom — you’re a fucking creator. And to be honest, it’s addicting.

An easy way to jumpstart your creative engine is changing the way you approach the initial idea. How about “if we did x”? Or “if I did x”? That’d be pretty cool/funny/awesome/amazing/crazy/dope, right?

🍻 May you never stop making shit happen. 🍻

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