Client Responsible for Killing Ideas Is Expected to Kill Again

A creative mourns the death of yet another idea at the hands of ‘The Client’.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — A Client has yet to be charged for the cold, hard murder of several advertising campaign ideas. The Head of Marketing of an undisclosed major Australian brand has been described as a ‘serial killer’ by those who have presented to her in the past. After leaving the meeting, The Client was overheard demanding another round of ideas the following morning, stating: “If the next round of creative isn’t exactly what I want, I’ll kill the whole bloody thing.”

“The fact that she’s still out there is frightening,” said one Creative Director who preferred to remain anonymous. “How many good ideas need to die before somebody does something?”

Witnesses in the room have said that the murders were brutal. Creatives were left to clean up what remained of the campaigns that were eviscerated in red pen and scattered over the table.

“One of the campaigns was actually really cool and had so much potential, but she just killed it in front of everybody,” said one of The Client’s junior colleagues. “At the end of the meeting, it was a bloodbath in there. I really felt for the creatives who worked so hard and were so close to the project.”

WARNING: The Client remains at large. Creatives are being advised to prepare for the worst. She might not be on your meeting invite, or even have anything to do with the project you’re working on––but be warned––she can turn up at any time and blow your idea to shreds.

Creative agencies all over the country remain on high alert.