Hillary Loves Donnie (And Doesn’t Give a Fuck About You).

Never let facts get in the way of a good story.

I’ve been thinking about this photo a lot lately.

Obviously, there’s no way Trump magically became slime the day after it was taken. He is one of those trash friends who’s been reckless af throughout your entire friendship, leaving you with the choice of either ghosting or reading them into oblivion (see his racist campaign against the Central Park Five for but one touchstone of his past shittiness).

That said, I find Hillary Clinton’s statement on the disrupted Trump rally in Chicago to be both disingenuous and upsetting.

There is a trend here.

Clinton has argued that a president who literally laughed at those dying of HIV/AIDS was really an activist, or that the deaths of the Charleston Nine “brought people together” rather than just served as another instance of America demanding Blacks be Good And Respectable Negro Victims. These are just two examples from the past few days alone of a level of being out of touch I previously thought impossible.

From Wall Street thieves to AIPAC to the bloated defense industry to Rahm Emanuel, the former Secretary continues to keep strange bedfellows. And her even stranger bedside manner with the American people — particularly those who don’t look like her — is fucking scary in a way not too dissimilar from the racist, xenophobic fervor her BFF is whipping up across the country.

There is no Bernie Sanders endorsement rolled up at the end of all this; the Senator has issues of his own. But there is a simple ask that we think critically and act in the common interest of moving this country forward these next several months. Because the people in this picture don’t give a fuck about us.

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