I Think I Finally Understand White Privilege

(Photo by Phil Roeder)

Last night on my drive home from work, a state trooper pulled me over for speeding. (Yep, they finally got me.)

It wasn’t my first time dealing with law enforcement, but it was my first time being pulled over. And I wasn’t one bit nervous. Or afraid.

After reading the recent headlines about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, it seems my routine traffic stop could’ve unfolded differently. There were several moments when the officer could’ve pulled out his firearm and discharged it to protect (“protect”?) himself — especially when I reached into my bag for my license and opened my glove compartment for registration.

But he didn’t.

Only as I’m writing this do I realize how fortunate I am to have only lost $85 and a perfect driving record, and not my life.

Am I anywhere close to understanding white privilege? That’s a genuine question — please respond below.