I Wrote a Book!

And I feel great about making something cool

I wrote a book. To call it a passion project would be an egregious understatement. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever made, and I’m extremely proud of it.

If you follow me on Medium, you’ve probably enjoyed at least one thing I’ve written. If you’re stumbling upon this post, well then I’d call this fate.

My book is called Divine Intervention, and I self-published it after not hearing back from publishers and debating over what to do about it for months.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

A troubled young woman. A Catholic priest with a turbulent past. Paths converge following a near overdose, forcing the two to confront their beliefs, fears, and personal demons. Their bond and individual faiths face the ultimate test when the woman claims she is pregnant with the Second Coming of Christ.

Please consider checking it out on Amazon.

I am willing to chat/answer any questions about:

  • the story
  • the process of self-publishing
  • challenges
  • my personal life
  • influences
  • what possessed me to write something like this.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

❤ Ryan