Missed Missed Connections #1

“Ice cream redhead at Vons”

Missed Missed Connections is a short series of Craigslist posts that could (and, frankly, should) have been written about me.

Jul 2 — ice cream redhead at Vons— m4w — (Vons)

Girl with long red hair wearing yoga pants and shoes without socks on Sat night.

Saw you at the Vons on Broad St…you were in the frozen food aisle. 10 mins later you were still there and I walked past you. You opened the freezer door…picked up a pint…and then put it back. I made a joke about being friends with Ben and Jerry. You laughed but sounded scared and then you picked up another flavor. After I checked out I saw you were still in the aisle. Damn girl what kind did you pick?!

Would love to take you out some time. Just not for ice cream because we’d prob grow old waiting for you to order. LOL. If this was you tell me what color shirt you were wearing.

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