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The Bigger Picture
Oddly specific. Universally applicable.

I bet your father(-in-law) says this stuff, too

At the height of our frustration with the Iraq War, my dad used to say, “Bomb ’em all, and let Allah sort ’em out.”

He wasn’t alone. My pastor once felt compelled to debunk the idea from the pulpit while also validating the frustration driving it.

Years later, a friend…

Facebook’s failure

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed that Facebook consistently places profits above the well-being of its users.

Big surprise. The real revelations are the details of how and why Facebook refused to stop making teen girls hate themselves and to curb misinformation.

In particular, Facebook’s internal Civic Integrity Team recommended eliminating…


From strangers to teammates: the magic of common purpose

A quick trip to the fitness center tonight turned into a life-saving adventure that brought together a motley cast of characters who dispersed as quickly as they banded together.

As I cut through a gentrified 1940s neighborhood to avoid closed roads, a mottled, shaggy dog trotted toward me, right down…

And it’s taught me one crucial thing

I used to say that 50% of all the orders I receive include an animal who has ‘crossed the rainbow bridge’.

I’m finding more recently that my estimate was way off.

I now believe it’s somewhere in the realm of 80% of my portraits that include an animal who has…

And by that I mean, a failure of imagination

three skeletons in the hear no evil say no evil see no evil positions

Lack of imagination

“We couldn’t imagine.”

Listening to the 9/11 remembrance coverage over the last weeks, I’ve been struck by the repetition of this phrase.

That dreadful day 20 years ago, I was woken up by a phone call from my husband whose flight from Minneapolis to New York was grounded in Chicago.

Thanks to Covid-19, I’m one bedroom over

My dad moved in with me in February, 7 months ago. The Covid-19 pandemic led to a ‘choice’ for him to downsize.

I had the extra space.

I was so touched when dad mentioned possibly coming to stay with me for a while that I started crying on the phone…

Real-world lessons you’ll hopefully never need

Cancer sucks.

If you don’t know someone who’s had cancer, you will soon enough. That sounds like a thinly-veiled threat, but it’s just an unfortunate reality.

Figures from Cancer Research UK show 50% of men will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives, and 45% of women. …

And the sweetness of time

It was early September and the crispness of an early fall filled the air. What was a feverish summer quickly simmered, and the leaves on the old oaks were eager to flaunt their new colours.

On the college side of town, students unloaded their boxes and reunited with familiar faces…

Back to simplicity

I’ve spent the last two years living on a tropical island. It’s been quite an adventure. One that is very different from the city life that I’ve previously been accustomed to. It has been wonderfully refreshing.

I feel like living here, on St. Barth, has allowed me to go “back…

Now argue amongst yourselves

When we consume any information, we often focus on some aspects to the exclusion of others. That’s especially true when we watch an action movie.

Here are six action movies with social justice themes that can be easily missed if you just let the violence and stunt-work wash over you.

The Bigger Picture

Oddly specific. Universally applicable.

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