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The Bigger Picture
Oddly specific. Universally applicable.

I bet your father(-in-law) says this stuff, too

At the height of our frustration with the Iraq War, my dad used to say, “Bomb ’em all, and let Allah sort ’em out.”

He wasn’t alone. My pastor once felt compelled to debunk the idea from the pulpit while also validating the frustration driving it.

Years later, a friend…

Facebook’s failure

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed that Facebook consistently places profits above the well-being of its users.

Big surprise. The real revelations are the details of how and why Facebook refused to stop making teen girls hate themselves and to curb misinformation.

In particular, Facebook’s internal Civic Integrity Team recommended eliminating…

Freedom, not Freedumb

Building a notion of “personal liberty” that actually works

No right is absolute. It’s not a matter of black and white options, it’s a question of lines and where we draw them.

Resolved: everyone should be a libertarian…for a while.

It’s healthy for young people to discover Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein or Rush and be interested in the merits of this philosophy. They should talk about…

I’m about to register as a Republican (I can explain)

Ms. Abrams, you are one of my heroes.

If the world were a degree more rational or just, you would be governor of Georgia right now. The 2018 gubernatorial election in your state was famously stinky. Your opponent Brian Kemp was the Secretary of State overseeing the election, who during his tenure canceled a record number of voter…

When I found “Greg rules your uterus” in the middle stall, I knew it was up to me to investigate.

Day 1:

After a list of the fastest growing boobs in the seventh grade went up last year, this bathroom’s been routinely scrubbed and monitored. So when my pre-play practice pee was interrupted by this ridiculous message, I knew something was up. Greg rules my uterus? Greg who? …

It shouldn’t be this way

Last August, there were 8 active COVID-19 cases in my very rural, MAGA-dominated county in deep-red Missouri.

The local K-12 school was unprepared but quickly shifted to quarantines of positive cases, plexiglass dividers at student tables, mask requirements for older students, and keeping each elementary class in its own “pod”…

You can’t mix the biggest, most enduring questions with simple/easy answers…

(audio available)

Before I get started…

If you are predisposed to reckon that it is somewhat silly to suggest any possible alternative to Capitalism then you either are a very high-income earner who owns a lot of property or just…

Who says they only care about the 1%?

Back when I was a far-left Democrat, I always thought cutting taxes on the rich was bad for society and bad for the economy. Trickle-down? What a crock! Just a failed theory trotted out time and again by Republicans to help their donors at the expense of the less well…

Certain insanity, uncertain reconciliation

The director of Boys State, the head of advertising for Anheuser-Busch in his day job, stalked out to the middle of the stage. He was clearly angry with the results of his volunteer work this week.

The auditorium, riotous as a metal concert with free beer on tap just a…

How changes in the identity of Ohio — and Middle America in general — have ended remarkable trends of support for winning presidential candidates

Every four years, political tensions in the United States seem to reach their zenith. Tens of millions of Americans head to the polls to vote in the country’s most divisive — and decisive — election cycle. Pundits, commentators, analysts, and ordinary citizens alike look for trends and indicators to discover…

The Bigger Picture

Oddly specific. Universally applicable.

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