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Unlimited Tolerance = Intolerance

Freedom of speech does NOT mean you are free to verbally abuse others. Your right to freedom ends at the very moment you start using it to deny others their freedom and rights.

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I couldn’t sleep tonight. I couldn’t get the pictures that were all over the social media out of my head. The dead girl ran over by a madman, the insanity of the leaders threatening each other and the whole world with nuclear weapons, a public display of swastikas and torches as the reminders of dark history these groups plan to continue into infinity.

Add to this the number of the species we managed to eradicate in a matter of years, pollution, greed, the way women are being systematically abused all over the globe, the way workers are being systematically abused… and I wonder how anyone is still able to sleep at night.

Is this why we are here?!

I tossed and turned and tried to find some peace of mind that would allow me to sleep. In the end, I had to hug a pillow, like a small child, to feel some comfort in the face of insanity that is taking over the world.

We are all allowing this

The worst part of it is that we are participants, we are all allowing this to happen, for we became so absurdly tolerant that we are now willing to tolerate just about anything in the name of tolerance. There are no limits to the horrors we are willing to tolerate.

Is it strange then that this unchecked tolerance backfired and began to breed and encourage widespread intolerance we are now faced with?

I’m so sick of hearing the same old excuse for verbal abuse and committing unspeakable deeds — it’s freedom of speech that supposedly gives one this unlimited right. Only, no, it does not!

There are limits to everything and we need to set them

Here is just one example of the abuse of freedom of speech we are now being exposed to daily, hourly even:

Newsweek, comments under the article on the white supremacists’ march in Charlottesville, 13 Aug, 2017

The right to the freedoms of speech ends (or at least it should have ended) right here: when you start telling others that publicly murdering a woman was a good lesson to ‘mouthy feminists,’ and that Heather Heyer ‘should have stayed home and baked cookies’ or else it’s her fault she ended up being killed on the streets during demonstrations.

By saying such things, you are NOT exercising your right to freedom of speech. You are abusing it and you are denying basic human rights to others. That makes you no different from the members of radical Islam, ISIS, Nazis, and other groups that spread terror, oppression, and hate, regardless of whether you happen to hate these groups too or not.

Is that what we, as members of a democratic society, stand for? Why do we keep tolerating this?! Are these the values we defend? How much longer are we going to allow for this to continue?

This is where the line should have been drawn long ago. So why wasn’t it?! Why do we keep tolerating hateful speech and deeds in the name of tolerance?! Why, when they are completely incompatible and openly opposed to the very essence of freedom and tolerance?

Can you really not see how dreadfully perverted and twisted this whole situation has become? If we don’t start drawing the line now then, indeed, we deserve to be called ‘nutjobs,’ for we are contributing to this and making it possible by being so unreasonably tolerant of absolutely everything, including intolerance and all kinds of abuse.

One cannot be tolerant of intolerance

That’s an oxymoron, it’s a paradox, you cannot be both — you are either tolerant or intolerant. Intolerant and abusive people, groups, religions, and cults who deny others (be it women, races, or any other groups) their equality and rights, have by doing so renounced their own right to be tolerated.

Such behavior is a hallmark of manipulative sociopathy and narcissism. Unless you want more dead people, violence, destruction, and chaos, don’t tolerate any of this in the name of anything! As soon as you become tolerant of intolerance, you turn into one of the intolerant ones. You too become a part of the problem. Is that what you stand for?

Tolerance is not and cannot be a one way street, lest it ceases to be tolerance. So stop tolerating and voting for abuse of any group by any group. That’s not only your right, it’s your moral and ethical duty!

Mateja started to write short stories at the age of ten and later became a freelance writer, radio personality, and explorer of the inner worlds. Her life resembles a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs and some pretty wild turns. Among other things, her car was destroyed by tanks, and she survived several brushes with death. She graduated in psychology from Arizona State University and is deep into the weird. Connect with Mateja on LinkedIn.




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