“We Are Fear Unmasked”

I don’t think they understand what they just said

(Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash)

I tuned in intermittently to a livestream of the maskless hoax-fest in Tulsa, OK, this weekend. “Health and Freedom,” they called it. The “rally-style” event was sponsored by Clay Clark, a man who prides himself on creating mass-spreader events.

I would watch for a while and snap it off when I couldn’t stomach any more. Some of what I heard:

“The government no longer has dominion over us!”

“We’re not compromising. We’re taking over!”

“It’s a sin not to vote. God is disappointed in you when you don’t vote.”

“COVID is an excuse for stealing your liberty!”

“You need to be ready to sell everything you own and to DIE to take our country back!”

“Q is truth. God is truth. You are truth.” Wait, does that mean Q is God?

Thousands of mask-hating people jammed into a church auditorium and cheered for each increasingly lunatic speaker. Mark Lindell, Sydney Powell, the ultimate anti-vaxxer hoax-ter, Andrew Wakefield, conspiracy theorist Lin Wood, and many more.

Lots of “revolution” talk by a long line of sore losers. Of election fraud (spouting flat-out lies). Of religious revival. Uncomfortable mixing of religion with politics. Non sequiturs galore. Constant repetition that vaccines are bad; that masks are repression.

That Democrats are evil.

Let’s not forget the Qanon speaker who told the crowd Trump is still in power. (Gee, if that’s the case, maybe I was wrong about him ’cuz I’m really happy with the infrastructure plan, new environmental protections, improved foreign relations, and the America rescue plan. Nice work, Donnie!)

Because we have to “save the children.” Yes, it’s all about the children. The mythical children who are being trafficked and abused by Democrats, the Vatican,…. Invoking children is the oldest and most manipulative tool to anger and scare people to action. (It’s unclear if anyone there was concerned about the children Matt Gaetz is alleged to have abused….)

The event ended with candle lighting, tinkling piano music, and repetitive religious chanting. Akin to a good ol’ Baptist altar call. The promised mask burning didn’t materialize. Shucks.

The sign on the stage read “We are fear unmasked.”

Indeed you are.

© Tina L. Smith, 2021

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