Your Limited Fucks

I want you to picture, for a moment, a box.

Inside of this box is, in fact, the number of fucks you are allowed to give. Let’s say you get 100 fucks over the course of a year.

“But Justin,” I hear you thinking, “those boxes look… small… and not only that — those aren’t really all that many fucks…”

Why yes, dear reader, those boxes are small. And, yes, dear reader, that is quite the limited number of fucks, isn’t it?

But that’s the point. The box should be small, and the fucks should be limited.

The question now is… How will you allocate those fucks?

You better think about it carefully.

You. This is you now.

Think about all the things we give our fucks to on a daily basis. I mean, really think about it.

That person cuts us off in traffic? They get one of our fucks.

Someone disagrees with us on the internet? There goes another fuck to them, too.

The resturaunt slightly messes up our order? Fucks. Fucks everywhere.


And for what I ask you? Why do we choose to give away our fucks like stacks of dolla-dolla bills at a strip club?!

This, ladies and gentlemen, causes a problem. You see, when we choose to give a fuck about every little thing, it makes us disillusioned. It makes us believe that everything in life should go our way, that life should never be hard or challenging.

And that’s simply preposterous I tell you.!

You know it, proffesor.

It’s preposterous because life doesn’t work like that. It’s never worked like that, and it probably won’t work like that for quite some time. Maybe once we reach a point in technological advancement where we can scratch every part of our own backs just by thinking about it, things will be different… But, until then, life will continue to be a bit challenging.

So, when you choose to give a fuck about every little thing, not only are you robbing yourself of the opportunity to overcome the simple challenges of life, but also the greater challenges of life as well. If you give away your fucks to things like people in traffic and internet trolls, how in the world are you going to handle something that actually warrants a fuck? Such as a family member falling ill or a relationship falling apart?

Giving less fucks isn’t about not caring at all, it’s about caring about shit that actually matters, and when you start caring about the things that really matter and stop caring about the things that don’t, you just don’t get better at this whole life thing, you get better at this whole being a person thing, too.

Another side effect of giving less fucks is that your thinking begins to shift. You find yourself complaining less and appreciating more. You become thankful of the little things, because here’s the catch…

The little displeasures in life are almost never worth giving a fuck about. The little pleasures, on the other hand, almost always are.
I mean just look at that sunset. You can even give it two fucks if you want.

Complain less and appreciate more. Be glad that you have things in life to be thankful for, and as far as your problems are concerned, be glad for those, too. Because it’s only through those problems, and overcoming them, that you’re able to understand the value of the things you should be thankful for in the first place.

So give fucks, my friends, just choose wisely as to what you give them to.

This piece was inspired by one of my favorite writers Mark Manson. Thank you for reading.