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The Bigger Picture
Oddly specific. Universally applicable.
Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen revealed that Facebook consistently places profits above the well-being of its users.

Big surprise. The real revelations are the details of how and why Facebook refused to stop making teen girls hate themselves and to curb misinformation.

In particular, Facebook’s internal Civic Integrity Team recommended eliminating…


(Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels)

A quick trip to the fitness center tonight turned into a life-saving adventure that brought together a motley cast of characters who dispersed as quickly as they banded together.

As I cut through a gentrified 1940s neighborhood to avoid closed roads, a mottled, shaggy dog trotted toward me, right down…

By Toho Company Ltd. (東宝株式会社) — movie poster made by Toho Company Ltd. (東宝株式会社, Tōhō Kabushiki-kaisha), Public Domain

“Stumpy’s gonna breathe fire.”

“Do what?”

“Yeah, Stumpy’s gonna breathe fire. On stage.”

A long pause. We stare at the road.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Well, we don’t exactly know how he’s gonna do it yet, but there’s that middle part in ‘Godzilla’ where it’s just drums…

[leg marked “Unresolved 2020 Trauma” dips into waters that read “Seeing Your Friends & Family Again”]

(Photo by Toan Nguyen)

An event that brings out the strongest of emotions in people, cockfighting is a blood sport that has been around for centuries. For some, it is perceived as a brutal act of cruelty towards animals. For others, it is an essential part of their cultural identity. Though banned in many…

“12 Angry Men”/Orion-Nova

I have absolutely no problem with the Los Angeles County jury system. You’re on-call for a week, and if you’re brought in you either get seated on a trial or you’re released. …

Lucy & Jess. (Source Paws for Giving — Custom Pet Portraits)

I used to say that 50% of all the orders I receive include an animal who has ‘crossed the rainbow bridge’.

I’m finding more recently that my estimate was way off.

I now believe it’s somewhere in the realm of 80% of my portraits that include an animal who has…

Me on the slackline getting encouragement from my baby

“Watch, Daddy!”

“Amazing, buddy!”

“Look at this, Mommy!”

“That was so cool, honey!”

The video is old and grainy but the emotions couldn’t be clearer. Kids are taking turns jumping off a diving board in creative ways, beaming as we cheer them on.

Wasn’t it just moments ago I was…

Photo by Peri Stojnic on Unsplash

(All links in this piece lead to online articles supporting the piece’s premise.)

Back in March, I had an encounter with an imperfect stranger. I wrote about it in “Why Do Strangers Care If I Wear a Mask?”

A barefaced man ridiculed me because of the mask I wore. I…

Freedom, not Freedumb

Photo by tom coe on Unsplash, with additions by the author.

No right is absolute. It’s not a matter of black and white options, it’s a question of lines and where we draw them.

Resolved: everyone should be a libertarian…for a while.

It’s healthy for young people to discover Ayn Rand or Robert Heinlein or Rush and be interested in the merits of this philosophy. They should talk about…

The Bigger Picture

Oddly specific. Universally applicable.

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