Smart Vehicles Getting Hacked-Smart or Foolish?

The idea of owing an intelligent car surely thrills everyone, but is Automotive Industry aware of the risk it is taking by under estimating cyber security and not securing their system properly. The case I am now talking about is Mitsubishi’s Outlander Hybrid fiasco. Yes, you heard me right! One more modern smart car is hackable!

This is not the first time any car was compromised. Researchers urged Mitsubishi to recall at least 100,000 of the outlander hybrid cars when they found that the car can be compromised through Wi-Fi. With this Mitsubishi joined the list of companies whose cars were found vulnerable to the cyber breach.

“Modern motor vehicles often include new connected vehicle technologies that aim to provide benefits such as added safety features, improved fuel economy, and greater overall convenience,” the public service announcement reads.
“Aftermarket devices are also providing consumers with new features to monitor the status of their vehicles. However, with this increased connectivity, it is important that consumers and manufacturers maintain awareness of potential cybersecurity threats.” — Mitsubishi’s public announcement in theguardian

With the rise in digitizing our daily life and connecting it with technology and Internet, are we forgetting the most important thing; Privacy. Privacy has become the term of yesteryears and we are more vulnerable than ever to various kinds of breaches.

The modern cars are progressing with various additional features for luxuries and connectivity with the Internet, but on the other hand, these cars can be vulnerable to different types of security breaches. Car companies and other companies that are trying to connect our daily life with the technology should keep cyber security as its most important priority. At IndustryARC, we have closely studied the possibilities of these new technological innovations and the impact it can have in the future.

In other news when I read about China’s global Quantum Communications Network, I got intrigued. What is it about? Is it the next generation of how we connect over a network? What does this technology has to offer? and so on. One of the features that caught my attention was “ultra-high security”. Is this going to change the security standards in the network and update them? I hoped so.

Quantum Communication is a new way to process information and different technique of encoding, storing, manipulating, and transmitting of data by performing logic operations based on quantum theory of photons, atoms and other microscopic particles. China has already begun establishing the network in various cities and is currently connecting Beijing and shanghai through 1,000kms quantum communications line.

“Quantum communication boasts of ultra-high security, as a quantum photon can neither be separated nor duplicated. It is, therefore, impossible to wiretap, intercept or crack information transmitted through quantum communication” — Gadget360

Whoa! The description is enough for me to hype around about the technology. If China gets successful results to achieve the quantum network, which will be the beginning of new era of high security networks safe from intruders and hackers.

Many companies are getting involved in various futuristic plans of how the homes, wearables and other essential devices in our daily life can change and be more merged with the Internet in our future suggests IndustryARC. With many plans of various companies to give our life a digital touch with wearables, smart homes, smart cities and smart cities and so on, the integration of this ultra-high security network will be a very good combination for privacy and security.

Originally published at on January 6, 2017.