BiiLabs and Yallvend Team Up to Implement Blockchain into the World’s First Vending Upgrade Kit, Enable Secure and Reliable ID Authentication

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Nov 28, 2019 · 3 min read
Duncan Huang, CEO at Yallvend (left) and Lman Chu, CEO and Co-founder of BiiLabs announced the collaborations of implementing blockchain into Vending Upgrade Kit.

Release date: 27 November, 2019. Taipei, Taiwan.

BiiLabs and Yallvend today announced the collaboration by introducing BiiLabs’ decentralized identifiers (DIDs) into Yallvend’s Vending Upgrade Kit (VUK). The solution unifies the secure ID authentication system, which can be applied in the vending machines that sell products with age limits, as well as upgrading existing systems.

There are a variety of products sold via vending machines around the world. In Japan and Germany, alcohols and tobaccos even can be purchased from here. For example, in Germany, every tobacco vending machine required an identity recognition system since 2008, which accept driver’s license, Personalausweis (German ID card) or passport. However, the system cannot verify if the cardholder is exactly the person on the ID card, which becomes the issue of secure mechanism.

Whilst in Japan, foreigners need to apply for a TASPO card to legally purchase tobacco. As for alcohol vending machines in Japan, the numbers declined sharply from 180,000 units in 1996 to less than 3,000 units in 2018. Most vending machines did not build in digital age identification mechanism while markets lack the solutions that meet the requirements. Outside of the above two countries, due to the insufficient legislative regulation, vending machines with identification systems did not expand to other countries.

Yallvend’s global first Vending Upgrade Kit provides the perfect solution to upgrade traditional vending machines with the latest digital mobile payment. By implementing BiiLabs’ DID technology into the module, users are able to process the ID authentication by their own mobiles. It generates a unique serial number with signature. Prior to the confirmation of the transactions, BiiLabs provides time-stamped electronic receipt, resending the permanently recorded tamper-proof ID, timeline and location data back to the vending machine. With this process, it can be easily implemented and applicable to all existing vending machines without the needs to redesign or manufacture new vending machines.

“Products like tobacco and alcohol are sensitive with legislative restrictions. Prior to revising vending machine ID amendments, governments expect to see a go-to-market ID authentication technology. However, specifications of the ID cards and documentations are varied in different countries, which become the major challenges when developing solutions. Moreover, it is highly possible that venders may invest in a product with significant cost yet not comply with the legislations,” said Duncan Huang, CEO at Yallvend. “Working with BiiLabs to integrate DID authentication allows us to create a flexible solution to tackle these obstacles, which is compatible with ID discrepancies from country to country while minimizing vender’s costs.”

“From the evolvement of vending machines and unmanned stores, we can expect that it is imperative to establish a comprehensive authentication mechanism with the demands for transactions of digital payment and secure ID authentication,” said Lman Chu, CEO and co-founder of BiiLabs, “As digital ID being gradually promoted amongst government and public sectors, BiiLabs utilizes the advantages of DLT based on IOTA Tangle network and stores data in the blockchain. This is the most reliable and secure choice for ID authentication.”

By integrating DID authentication and smart mobile payment module, it will create a long lasting impact on the recent vending machine market, which can help to build more diversified unmanned business model. Furthermore, It may also extend to other commercial activities such as local wineries to have the visibility at key locations and regions, enabling great business values through this mechanism.

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About BiiLabs

BiiLabs is dedicated in developing distributed ledger technologies to overcome the challenges in the Internet of Everything era, including smart mobility and energy management, and more. Its core technologies assist the digital transformation of various industries, and to solve critical issues such as trust, security, growth and efficiency for our clients. BiiLabs aims to be a leading technology provider in the Internet of Everything world.

About Yallvend

YALLVEND has expertise in protocols of vending machine, coin changer and multiple kinds of unmanned business machine. The R&D members have worked in this highly-professional field for over 10 years and been trusted by the peers for their profound engineering experiences.


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IoT-based data marketplace powered by BiiLabs DLT solutions

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