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Distribution date: 26 September, 2019. Taipei, Taiwan.

IoT solutions expert, SoftChef, in collaboration with Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, BiiLabs, today announced the launch of their joint SaaS Platform ‘Benchy-Alfred’, which was designed to allow the secure and cost-efficient data exchange with machine-to-machine services for a variety of industries.

When a connected device exchanges data via ‘Benchy-Alfred’, the ‘Benchy-Alfred’ API sends a transaction notification to the public ledgers that creates a tamper-proof digitally signed timestamp of encrypted data. Current users of SoftChef’s IoT platform will find ‘Benchy’ as a new add-on integration that allows them to easily encrypt their device’s data directly on This gives them the possibility to safely share data within the community.

BiiLabs’ ‘Alfred’, on the other side, interacts with rapid cloud infrastructure and cost-efficient public ledgers, and its API abstracts the complexity over several crucial BiiLabs components which differentiate themselves from existing hybrid solutions through load-balancers that interact with full nodes to provide blockchain-based services and hardware-accelerated caching proxy services for extremely fast blockchain transactions.

The SaaS design behind Alfred API is ideal for scenarios such as Proof-of-Existence (PoE) and Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) as users do not have to be experts at blockchain technologies to use it. Instead, they can handle the API gateway as regular I/O traffic regardless of whether storage is fully distributed or fault-tolerant.

Of this joint effort, Josh Chai, SoftChef’s CEO, said “Launching a new product to market that brings together the best of both our companies and gives users more complete, versatile applications is something we are very proud of.” BiiLabs’ co-founder and CEO, Lman Chu, added “BiiLabs is very honored to partner with SoftChef team for developing the Blockchain-ready SaaS platform. The ‘Benchy-Alfred’ is perfectly designed for enterprises in the IoT-enabled data marketplace. We are looking for more and more use cases to be completed soon.”

‘Benchy-Alfred’ is intended for developers who want to build peer-to-peer (p2p) applications, mobile or other, without having to implement their own p2p networking layer from scratch. As a software component, it allows many computers to behave as one via state machine replication and can easily plug into applications written in any programming language. This way, developers can focus on building the application logic and simply integrate ‘Benchy-Alfred’ to handle the replication aspect.

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About SoftChef

SoftChef is a solution provider focused on smart city IoT application. We offer multiple IoT management platforms leverage the modern serverless architecture, supports machine learning & edge computing gateway, also involved in software-hardware integration of IoT device that helps customers accelerate IoT deployment. Our tech-innovative solutions can adapt to different vertical applications with equipment and cloud working together in harmony, including smart lighting, eHealth, energy management, and asset tracking, to help achieve digital transformation and increase business value in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

About BiiLabs

BiiLabs is dedicated in developing distributed ledger technologies to overcome the challenges in the Internet of Everything era, including smart cities, energy management, and masked authenticated message systems. Its core technologies assist the digital transformation of various industries, and to solve critical issues such as trust, security, growth and efficiency for our clients. BiiLabs aims to be a leading technology provider in the Internet of Everything world.


IoT-based data marketplace powered by BiiLabs DLT solutions

BiiLabs Editor

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IoT-based data marketplace powered by BiiLabs DLT solutions

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