The first Notary certificated application by IOTA in the world

Last week(8/18) we are proudly announce the notary certificate solution “i-Certificate” based on IOTA Tangle.

The i-Certificate include three parts.

  • Dashboard for issuer
  • Dashboard for verifer
  • APP for users

What’s the problem?

If you still remember the classic movie “Catch me if you can?” Leonardo can fake any identification, cash, and check. You will have no doubt if such a handsome guy like him would claim that he graduated from Harvard University with full scholarship.

It is really hard to verify the truth of the identification. Not only because the process of verification is time consuming but also because the cost is too high. That’s why only the top level headcount will rely on reference check. Even though the top level might still get fooled.

Like this one

Even you are the CEO of one famous company, then you can still fake your degree without any doubt.

Now, you can see how serious the problem is.

So we tried to leverage the advantages of 3rd generation blockchain — IOTA Tangle to solve the verification problem.

The “issuer” maybe the Universities, or some other academic institutes who have massive requirements to issue the certifications to the users.

Moreover, some certifications need to be renewed periodically, all the issuers are aware about the cost of issuing & renewing certifications.

Therefore, it is a good opportunity if there is a way to solve this real problem.

Blockchain is a perfect solution for the scenario. But the existing blockchain (Bitcoin or Ethereum) has the risk of uncertain transaction fee.

But transaction fee does not exist in IOTA Tangle. The scalability challenge would also be solved as more stakeholders participate in this project.

“i-Certificate” is still under developing, optimistically we could publically release to the market by the end of this year.