biix for buildings
May 30, 2016 · 2 min read

biix cloud-based Issues Logs allow multiple users, fast response times, and easy issues tracking.

biix enables you to have more than one issues log.

A Little History: Traditional management of the Commissioning Issues Log

  • Generally uses MS Excel
  • Goes back and forth between team members — slow responses, long delays
  • Can take quite a bit of time for the CxA to sit down and update
  • Newest version not always distributed to everyone
  • Commissioning Authority usually is the only person who can close an Issue

biix: Feature Rich, Intuitive to Use

Among the many features of biix is the ability to manage Commissioning Issues Logs. Another plus is that users can close out their own issues.

Among each issue’s many features include options such as priority, levels association with Milestones, start/end dates, percent completion, tags, files/pictures, detailed description section, notification of activity (via selected users via email notification), and more.

Cloud-based management of the Commissioning Issues Log

  • Anyone can see it, at any time
  • Easy and quick to update
  • One or more people/parties can be assigned to a single issue
  • Files or pictures can be attached to the issue
  • Issues can be associated with Milestones
  • Issues can be prioritized as Low, Medium and High Priority
  • Issues can be classified as Open, Complete or Percent Complete
  • Comment section
  • Due dates can be assigned
  • Automatic notification of upcoming or past due completion dates
  • Easy to distribute — just click on the person’s name or send to everyone
  • Can be converted into a PDF or an Excel file
  • Anyone can be authorized to close an Issue — speeds up the process

Distribute Issues Reports with a single click

Issues can be set to automatically use color coding to indicate Complete/Due/ Past Due indicators. Issues can be exported to CSV/Excel. Convert the site-produced report (shown above) to PDF with a simple click (see green button).

biix for buildings

biix for buildings

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Building Intelligence & Information eXchange.

biix for buildings

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