Overview of biix products


biix (Building Intelligence & Information eXchange) is the most advanced facility information management system in the world.

Designed as a powerful set of de-centralized data sources, biix provides the world’s first enterprise level information management system (eLIM), and the first-ever search engine for buildings.

Put simpler, biix is the company behind a suite of products that can help you better manage and significantly improve how you access information in buildings.

biix software

  1. biix for buildings — our basic system, designed to provide the user with instant access to information (drawings, 1-lines, sequences of operation, contact lists, warranty information, etc… from anywhere.

All of our other products are built on top of biix.

biix works seamlessly to provide an intuitive user experience. We organize everything by building life-cycle phases, and by assets.

2. eLIM — Enterprise Level Information Management system. We’re the originals: biix developed the concept and the term.

eLIM (powered by biix) allows intuitive organization of information across an entire enterprise, employing standardized file organization and intelligent information management.

3. Building Guru — visual tours, designed to improve the speed with which you locate information. Organized by assets.

Building Guru allows you to visually navigate through your building, chiller plant or rooftop. You can easily find assets. Just click on and all the related information immediately populates. Designed for both mobile and workstation/laptops. We also utilize visualization in many other ways.

4. biix smartTags — easy to mount tags, typically adhered to assets or to control panels.

Use any mobile device to scan the tag, and be instantly transported to the destination of your choice. For example, a smartTag mounted on an air handler might pull up a list of files, or the sequence of operation, or the BMS 1-line drawing, or a Daily Round or semi-annual PM form.

5. weCx — biix provides full integration with Whole Enterprise Commissioning (weCx). biix, together with our Strategic Partner Virtual Commissioning, developed this new term and concept.

Compared to Whole Building Commissioning (WCx), weCx broadens the definition of commissioning beyond buildings.

For example, an airport might include their runway lighting, fuel depots or plane washes, or a railroad might include their track switch controls, tunnel ventilation or perhaps their Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs).