Day 3

So far my journeys have been fairly easy, short distance, and flat. Today, however, that changed.

After work I headed to Cycle Atlanta’s event at Oakland MARTA station. I could have taken MARTA there, but it felt like cheating, since Oakland City doesn’t have bike share (yet). I biked a healthy 2 miles from West End to Oakland City.

I was met by Relay Bikes galore! It was nice to see the bus bay with some light blue ornaments of transport. A group of residents, planners, and curious folks on bikes walked through the MARTA Station and performed an assessment of the station and its surrounding neighborhoods.

At 6pm, still too hot, I kept asking why must we have to pedal to get our own air conditioning. After our bike/ped assessment of Sylvan Hills, the group went to a park nearby to discuss recommendations. I never had a chance to explore that area and I don’t think I would have if not for Cycle Atlanta.

One of my favorite things about bike share this week has to be meeting new people. Even in the 90+ degree weather we were together. It’s a new capacity of friendship and comradery. Kids come up, the friends we meet…

After the session, I relayed to West End MARTA to drop off the bike and walked home. 7.5 miles I made it to my bed. No visiting friends in Decatur, but it would be cool if Decatur got bike share, too.