Day 5: The FINAL DAY

It’s National Bike To Work Day which totally means everyone is going to bike to work, yes?

Of course the last day of the challenge would be the most interesting.

I relayed to my nearest MARTA station to catch the train going inbound. Due to suspicious activity, MARTA suspended rail activity, leaving a lot of patrons at the Garnett station to wait for a bus to take us to our destinations.

There was a swarm of us outside. Many were understandably angry and ready to go to their next stop. Maybe because it was Bike To Work Day, because it’s the last day of the challenge, or because it’s 95 degrees and I’m dehydrated and loopy, I decide this is my time to save the day… with Relay!

Since there’s not a hub at the Garnett Station, I rally those to come with me to walk to Five Points so we can bike to their next location. I was successful! I got three people to come with: me, myself, and I.

My arrival to Five Points was met with police, firetrucks, and lots of onlookers. Traffic to vehicles was closed on Peachtree but conveniently open for people on bikes. I picked up a relay bike and took the street alone. As recompense for yesterday, Peachtree gave me four lanes as an apology. While everyone was stuck at Garnett and Five Points, I went northbound unbounded by bicycle. I locked my Relay in front of my office building to close my mini bike parade down Peachtree and to celebrate being on time, despite infrastructure fails.

After work, I relayed to Arts Center, transferred to MARTA and arrived to Inman Park. I was so happy to see that there’s a Relay hub there! I relayed to Lang-Carson Park to volunteer with my work team and Park Pride. How sustainable is that?

It was awesome to stretch the bounds of bike-share this week. To say navigating the Atlanta’s geography solely on two wheels in this weather was an experience is an understatement. I sacrificed a lot: invites, car-share, airconditioning. However, I relearned how to take care of myself. Little things like drinking water, sleeping, and walking/biking if I need to get air. I also spent more time in my community (aka less time in my room and more time with my neighbors). I went to three parks in five days, I talked to more people than normal, and went on some cool impromptu adventures. Another thing I learned was to let loose. Being on a bicycle, a bright blue one at that, you learn to not take yourself too seriously.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s cute, but it’s not for me. I’m not saying you have to exclusively bike around the city to get around, however I definitely became more aware of my schedule when I looked for places that are MARTA and Relay accessible. But I bet there are ways you can cut down from the surrounding of your four doors. I’m not going to say that bikes and MARTA will change your life for the better. But it can change your day and that’s worth it. There’s a lot of things to do, you have to be open to it.