26 resources to learn coding online

Having a multi varied skill set will always look good in a resume. But what about a life outside of one? Coding in the near future will come a necessary skill one should possess. It will ensure the survival in a future society where all of the upcoming generations are imparted with coding skills. From carrying out day to day activities to building robots and self driving cars, coding will have a multitude of areas it can have its effects on.

It is never too late to learn coding. Here are the best resources I found online for learning coding.

1. Code Academy

2. Code School

3. Treehouse

4. Khan Academy

5. edX

6. Coursera

7. Udacity

8. CodeHS

9. Sololearn

10. Code Avengers

11. Rubymonk

12. Egghead

13. freeCodeCamp

14. Google CS First

15. Code.org

16. Codewars

17. Marksheet

18. Dash by General Assembly

19. The Odin Project

20. MIT Open Courseware

21. Javascript.com

22. HTML Dog

Youtube Channels

1. Coder’s Guide

2. DevTips

3. Learncodeacademy

4. theNewBoston

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