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Billi Referral Program

Download Billi Share → Earn Rewards

Good things happen when you share Billi, and help Canadians become more money mindful. Not only will you move up the list and gain access to Billi sooner, you’ll also earn some great rewards along the way.

Step One: Check out the awesome rewards above!

Step Two: Download the app and get your referral link

Step Three: Share your referral link with friends, family & coworkers

Step Four: Unlock your first reward, move up the list, and repeat steps 1–3

Get early access to Billi by signing up for the waitlist, and join the conversation on Twitter and Discord.

Happy sharing! 🥳




Billi is a new, easy way to track bills, manage finances, and enjoy your money. Catch hidden fees, find that old subscription, and track payments — with Billi in your pocket you’ll have more time and money to focus on what’s important.

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