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The Herd | Mint Strategy Explained

We welcome all to the flock, but only the quick can join The Herd for less.

Clever goats made it onto the whitelist at 0.333 ETH. Missed your spot? Fear not — you can still get in on the action before Mint day.

NFT Details

Your Herd NFT is more than what meets the eye. We’ve wrapped some significant functionality in that gorgeous goat form that gives you an edge when entering the centerpiece of our tri-token ecosystem: The Drop. Each of The Herd NFTs has the ability to act as a multiplier when tickets are exchanged for entries in The Drop. The Drop is a lottery style game, all on chain with a provably random draw system and prize wallets up to $1bn.

Want to learn more? Read about The Herd utility here.

Mint Date Change

Unfortunately, we need to announce that the mint date for The Herd has been pushed back by one week. The new mint date for The Herd is July 30, 2022.

As you may know, there was an attack on Premint on July 16th that resulted in a collection of people having their wallets compromised. To ultimately ensure safety and confidence, the mint will be pushed back by one week.

We appreciate your understanding and support. Your confidence in us and your security is critical to the success of this project and we take it very seriously.

Minting Process

You have to be quick to catch a GOAT at a good price. The Herd will be minted using a rolling whitelist pricing strategy.

Rolling Whitelist Pricing

In simplest terms, we have a sequence of whitelists to allow people to secure their right to mint. Project information will be slowly revealed throughout the whitelist process. The whitelist price increases relative to the amount of project information available. It’s up to you to wager the information available versus escalating price. Can you afford to wait?

Here is the breakdown:

  • Round 1 whitelist opened at the floor price of 0.333 ETH on July 13th at 1pm with 2,200 spots and filled within 48 hours. Members of our community and special collabs had first notifications.
  • Round 2 will open at 0.456 ETH on Wednesday, July 20th.
  • Round 3 will open as soon as Round 2 fills. This is the final whitelist before Public Mint.

Round 1

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 | 1PM EST

  • Supply: 2200
  • Duration: Until Filled
  • Price: 0.333 ETH
  • Status: FULL

Round 2

Tuesday, Jul 20, 2022 | 4PM EST

  • Supply: 3000
  • Duration: Until Filled
  • Price: 0.456 ETH
  • Status: Not Yet Open

Round 3


  • Supply: 4300
  • Duration: Until Filled
  • Price: To Be Revealed
  • Status: Not Yet Open

Mint Day Is July 30th

Everyone is encouraged to participate.

The Herd will be minted in ETH. Ensure you have enough ETH for gas fees.

Don’t be late, The Herd won’t wait.



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