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We’re on the lookout for some superstar community members, with $AIRB rewards of course! Could it be you?



As we begin to pick up speed in the early part of Q2, we’re looking to our community to pick up speed with us!

As we continue to develop our products and navigate the very busy upcoming weeks and months on our roadmap, it’s vitally important we succeed in spreading the word about BillionAir as far and wide as possible. It’s with this in mind, we’ve launched the BillionAir Ambassador Program, giving you, our loyal community, the opportunity to become a part of our success, and get handsomely rewarded in the process!

The process is reasonably simple, but to really make the most of the rewards you’ll have to get creative and get stuck into the latest AI tech. I’m sure you’ve all heard of ChatGPT by now (unless you’ve been living in a cave!), and we have some ChatGPT-based tasks for you to complete! You can access the campaign right here, but let’s run through some useful info quickly.

The ‘Need to Know’

First of all, don’t just do what it says in the article here, make sure you do everything as instructed within the campaign on the Zealy platform.

We have a selection of simple social tasks for you to complete. We are in many places — Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Medium, Instagram, Telegram (twice) — join them all!!

A number of the tasks have several instructions, make sure to complete them all to earn your rewards. One example would be a Twitter-based task, which asks you to like it, reply to it, and retweet it. DO THEM ALL!!

For each task you complete, you will earn XP, and as y our XP increases you will level up. You’ll notice some tasks are locked to begin with, this is because your level is not high enough yet, so get levelling up, unlocking, and completing tasks. Every 10 XP earnt means 1 $AIRB, so there are lots of rewards up for grabs.

ChatGPT Tasks

For those of you that haven’t heard (and if you haven’t, we’d love to know how!), ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, using a combination of AI and Machine Learning to make it possible for the entire world to become writers! And before you ask, yes, I do use it sometimes!

In case you’ve never used it before, let’s give you a quick example of how you can use it for one of the tasks in our program. We’ll look at the ‘Use ChatGPT to write a Twitter post about GambleFi.

So, I’m gonna do this as I’m writing this, right now.

  • Open ChatGPT here. If you don’t have an account, create one, it’s free.
  • This is what I’m typing in the command box: Write a short, snappy tweet about blockchain and gambling, referring to it as gamblefi, highlighting how blockchain tech has positive implications for the gambling industry. Use the hashtags #gamblefi, #crypto and #blockchain.

Here is the result:

Revolutionizing the gambling industry with #gamblefi 🎲🔗! Trust, transparency, and provable fairness are a winning bet for everyone involved 🚀. Say hello to a game-changing future in #crypto and #blockchain! 🎉💰

In case you want to see it for yourself, here is my prompt and the ChatGPT response.

It really is that simple, turn yourself into a writing and social media pro, and represent BillionAir in the best way you can!

There may be a few more things I can tell you, but you can find them all out on the ambassador campaign platform, which, to make life easier, is right here! Get stuck in, get representing BillionAir and get earning!

About BillionAir

BillionAir is a cutting-edge platform offering raffles, gaming, and wagering. This new and innovative platform uses secure blockchain technology to ensure your experience is trustworthy, clear, and easy to check.

With BillionAir, you can play games and participate in raffles from anywhere in the world. BillionAir is aiming to become the go-to raffle and wagering platform in the space!

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