The Yankees have restored order

Sorry, Mets fans

“Looks like the Yankees are going to rule NYC again, if not the entire AL.” — text from a friend who’s a Mets fan
“You mean New York isn’t going to be a Mets town? Those 30 seconds were glorious, weren’t they?” — my reply

Ahhh… yes, it looked so good for Mets fans for a bit there.

In a couple short years, they went from being a team that was only interesting when Matt Harvey pitched (speaking of things that lasted about 30 seconds) to the World Series and then back to the playoffs.

Even when Harvey was shelled and/or hurt, they had such great young pitchers: Jacob deGrom! Steven Matz! Noah Syndergaard!

Yoenis Cespedes was hitting homers all over the place, and he actually stayed!

Meanwhile, the Yankees couldn’t even make the playoffs, and last year, were actually … sellers at the trade deadline. Sure, they got great prospects back, and Gary Sanchez went on a tear, but they were at least a couple years away, right?

Yes, a change was at hand, and the Mets era was about to begin!

And then … everyone got hurt, to the point where the way the Mets handle their injured players is starting to be questioned. This, of course, includes Syndergaard, who apparently forgot “Thor” is just a nickname, and that he’s not literally the Norse god of thunder.

As for the Yankees, they’re racking up one comeback after another (including today, which I’m pretty sure is what sent my friend to his phone), and Aaron Judge is mashing homers for fun.

So … so much for New York becoming a Mets town.

However, I remember a time when the Mets were all the rage and the Yankees were an afterthought. It was the mid-1980s, and what a team the Mets had: Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, Roger McDowell, Jesse Orosco, Mookie Wilson, Lenny Dykstra.

They were really good, and a lot of fun to watch. My neighbor was a big Mets fan, and I used to go to his house after dinner to sit with him in his backyard as he listened to the Mets game.

The Yankees had Don Mattingly, but for the most part, they were somewhere between not very good and “meh.”

Yet even though the Yankees went from “meh” to terrible, it didn’t last for the Mets. It never lasts.

Order is always restored.