What is the full Premier League schedule worth to you?
Bill Fonda

What is the Premier League worth to you? (Part 2)

It depends who you ask

“Have you been loving NBC’s amazing English Premier League coverage these past few years, as they’ve coupled smart and engaging studio and commentary teams with unparalleled access to the matches through multi-channel broadcasts and a streaming service that brought every single league game live to your computer or phone as part of your cable package? Well, hopefully you enjoyed it while it lasted, because NBC has just fucked it all to hell.” — Deadspin
“Interesting sports/media/internet news: Starting this summer, one of the country’s biggest cable programmers will let people stream one of the world’s most popular sports — without paying for cable.” — Recode

This, I find pretty interesting.

These are the first paragraphs of two different stories about the same thing — NBC Sports introducing the $49.99 streaming option for Premier League games that had previously come with a cable subscription either online or on other NBC networks.

It’s fairly obvious where Deadspin stands — that NBC is taking something away from consumers that they already had.

(In a side note, if you’re going to get bad PR for something, you could do worse than catching crap for taking something great from people who are used to it — and NBC’s Premier League coverage is top-notch.)

Meanwhile, Recode sees the new service as an opportunity for people who don’t have cable to see Premier League games for $49.99.

This is good for cord-cutters (which Deadspin also notes), but doesn’t mention most of that best matches will still be on cable (which Deadspin does).

Neither story appears factually incorrect, but vary based on the perspective the writer takes.

As someone who has cable, I’m inclined to lean toward the Deadspin perspective that I’m losing something I had before unless I’m willing to pay for it … just without the profanity, since I just know that’s how the business works these days.

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