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About BillsBI

The day marks laying the early foundation of e-billing startup striving to simplify billings for SMEs and provide them deep business insights into their shop and market.

Our Name

BillsBI = Bills + BI
These are two components of our vision
1. Bills: The billing system at present isn’t available at small and medium scale shops in India, we are trying to make next-gen technology to enable billing at low cost across India.
2. BI: Business Insights is one which makes large marts like Spencers, More, Big Bazaar, etc lead, and scale.
We strive to provide BI to these shops to keep in charge of their growth.

What you can expect in Medium from us?

BillsBI from very first day believes to use OpenSource technologies and we with our Github organization and Medium page will try to contribute back to technology as we learn and progress.
Not only this, as we are learning and building a startup we will also share about our journey, our business approach, our learnings, our outcomes for world to know, and suggest to us.

Yes !! you can get bills at these shops and shop owners can manage their sales and understand how to increase their sales.

Interested in our mission to simplify billings for shops near you?

Contribute to projects in our organisation
Join our team
Send us email for now at



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